2 exciting new haircare launches

A few weeks ago, I was invited to 2 haircare launches, both of which were for exciting new products which have now hit the high street:

First up is the new Tresemme split remedy range, which has been designed to smooth over and prevent split ends. Although nothing can repair split ends once they occur, this range uses 2 oppositely charged polymers to attract the ends back together, thus giving the appearance of healthier hair.

Now I've just had a haircut, but when it comes to haircare, split ends are the bane of my life (I'm forever cutting them off!) so I'll definitely be putting these products to the test and will report back in a few months, which is when I usually start noticing them.

Another new product is the Charles Worthington salon at home hair straightening kit. Retailing at £19.99, this comes in 2 versions - one for coloured and another for non coloured hair.

The kit is designed to be used like a hair dye, and contains cysteamine, which 'reprogrammes the hair' to inhibit frizz and curl for up to 40days.

At the event the model did comment on the smell, so expect something rather unpleasant during use, but it gets to work in 20minutes, and left her curly hair smooth and sleek without compromising on volume.

What's your biggest haircare concern? Will you be trying either of these 2 products?


  1. Do either of them work?www.rawfashionmagazine.com

  2. RAW Fashion Magazine- So far so good with the conditioner, but I've only recently had a haircut so won't really know for a few months when split ends usually start to appear. I have straight hair so can't really comment on the CW kit but thought I'd share the product in case anyone was interested x

  3. I really like Kerastase products, especially the Soleil products for colour treated hair. They really work.

  4. Jamilla Camel - Thanks for the recommendation, I really need to some Kerastase products! x

  5. I actually Won a kit and tried it out. The smell is absolutely revolting. It does work but it doesnt last very long. I wrote a huge review on it and did weekly updates. take a look here: http://livelaughlovept1.blogspot.com/2011/09/charles-worthington-straightning.html


  6. Ooh it looks really good on the model, sometimes this kind of thing make your hair look really lank, but this looks good!


  7. Sadie - Just read your review, it's a shame the results didn't last longer x

  8. Sara- Glad you like the look of the product. At the event we were all impressed with the 'bounce' in her hair. Hopefully it won't disappoint x

  9. would you be able to show a before and after pic/review after using the Tresemme split remedy range?


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