Origins united state toner review

Towards the end of summer, I noticed my skin was getting particularly oily during the day and when I mentioned this during an Origins skincare consultation, I was recommended their United state toner to try.

The toner contains extracts of laminaria, soy protein, bergamot and spearment, which claims to control oil production without drying out non oily areas.

Not surprisingly it feels very refreshing and balancing on the skin, and like all toners, it helps to remove any last traces of make up and cleanser. At first it did exactly what it claims on the bottle. Over time my chin did start to feel a little dry with daily use, however I loved it's mattifying effect on my t-zone.

So now I use this every few days, focusing on my t-zone and it works a treat. My skin feels a lot more deep cleansed and balanced and I hardly ever need to blot or re-powder anymore. So overall, a big thumbs up from me!

Have you tried any Origins skincare? What's your favourite product for oil control?


  1. i use the nivea toner just for the sake of using a toner and i dont see any results whatsoever.. good or bad lol. ill take a sample of this at sephora if they let me lol

  2. Donna ♥ Baby- Good luck getting a sample and I hope you'll like it x

  3. i have never used any origins skincare..jut a ginger showergel (which i loved!) years ago, i keep hearing good things about them though so might have to give this a go!

  4. A Certain Vintage - They do samples throughout the year so might be worth trying a few next time they do them x

  5. i have heard so many good things about this toner. i only wish origins had not pulled out of my country. :/ sigh...

  6. i looove my dickinson's witch hazel toner, but i am always open to trying other brands. this definitely sounds great. thanks for this review! :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. I'm not a big of Origins as the few products that I've tried mask, shower gel, scrub haven't done anything amazing for me.

    I have oily skin too but I hate the way mattifying products leave a chalky residue so I just stick with normal toner from Kiehl's.

  8. Skin Scrubs - I know what you mean, I've long stopped using mattifying moisturisers as they just make my skin feel horrible. I'll have to check out the Kiehl's toner after this one x


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