Bourjois Autumn/Winter 2011

Back in September, I was invited to Bourjois HQ for a little preview of what they're bringing out this Autumn/Winter. There isn't a collection as such, but they are bringing out 2 new products, as well as adding some new colours to existing lines:

My top pick would have to be their smile enhancing lipgloss. The product comes in 2 parts, a brightening gel which you paint onto the teeth itself, and a lipgloss, which contains 'white focus pigments' to give the appearance of whiter teeth. I'm still undecided about the brightening gel, but I love the lipgloss and out of the 6 shades, I'd highly recommend 04 and 05.

This was closely followed by the new healthy mix serum foundation. Compared to the original, it has a more gel like consistency, is oil free and gives a lighter coverage. With extracts of lychee, goji berries and pomegranate, it smells deliciously fruity and gives a semi-matte finish to the skin.

Finally some new additions to their range of Sweet kiss lipsticks and 10 day nail varnishes. There are 3 new lipstick colours (L-R: Fushia cosmopolite, Rose folk and Rose cachemire), and 4 new nail varnish shades, which unfortunately I didn't get the names for, but how gorgeous are hot pink and navy shades!

Bourjois Autumn/Winter 2011, available from Boots and Superdrug.

Are you a fan of Bourjois make up? Any of the new products catch your eye?


  1. Love the idea of the smile ennancing lipglosses. Will have to give these a try when they are out. I reckon the pink and navy nailvarnishes would look fab together.
    Interested to see what the healthy mix foundation is like, i love the original. Do you know id they will be continuing the original one or is this serum foundation taking over it?

    Holli x

  2. Everything looks lovely, I'll have to keep my eye out for these prodicys. The lip glosses look great x

  3. the texture of the foundation sounds interesting! :) would love to give the foundie a try.

  4. Dragon Mommy- As far as I know the original healthy mix foundation will still be available, I think the serum is just a new addition x

    A Lauren to Herself - Glad you like the look of the new products x

    sugar sugar -I hope you'll like it x

  5. Hey,

    Nice blog looking forward to upcoming posts.

    Defiantly Following. Follow me if you like?

  6. Really intrigued by the whitening lipgloss business, I'm obsessed by teeth whitening!x

  7. Lenara- Thanks x

    Monday Receptionist- I think it's a completely new product on the market, hope you'll like it x

  8. They all look great, fab post, will keep an eye out :D xx

  9. Misseblog - Hope you'll like the new products x


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