Weekly exfoliators and a new moisturiser

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my everyday skincare routine. Today I wanted to review two of my weekly exfoliators as well as a new moisturiser:
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Rituals brightening face exfoliator
Ren resurfacing AHA concentrate
Organic surge blissful daily moisturiser for normal skin 

Rituals brightening face exfoliator is a relatively new product, and it's formulated with lotus flower (to cleanse and fight pollution) and moringa extract (which helps nourishes and hydrated the skin). I tend to use this once a week, usually on a Sunday morning. Texture wise, it feels almost powdery, and although effective, it still feels very gentle and non abrasive on my skin. I find the light floral scent to be very refreshing and after use, my skin is left feeling smooth and radiant.

By mid week, my skin starts to look a little sluggish and dull, which is where Ren resurfacing AHA concentrate comes in. This is made with glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acid and is more of a chemical exfoliator. I must admit I was very apprehensive about putting acid on my face, but luckily I've not suffered any adverse reactions. The serum comes with a little piplette and I use a few drops once a week underneath my night cream. I'm not keen on the smell, but it thankfully it doesn't linger after application. The effect is subtle, but the next day, my skin look a tad brighter and moisturiser seems to absorb a little better too.

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 Organic surge blissful daily moisturiser for normal skin

Finally I've replaced my face oil with Organic surge blissful daily moisturiser for normal skin. I find the thick cream offers more protection against the harsh winter elements. It's formulated with organic rosemary and lemon, which gives it a comforting herbal scent and I've not had any problems with breakouts or excessive oilinness. Despite being a thick cream, once warmed up in the palms of my hand, it doesn't feel at all heavy and is surprisingly quick absorbing. So quick absorbing in fact that I barely have time for my usual mini face massage. Overall though, a great everyday staple and one that I would happily repurchase once it runs out.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite exfoliators and moisturisers?


  1. I've been a little apprehensive myself when it to comes to using those acid peel type of products! Glad that it didn't cause any weird reactions to your skin, makes me hopeful that this will be the case for me too!


    1. It's quite scary isn't it, I left it sitting on my dressing table for weeks before I finally got round to using it. This seems to be one of the gentler ones, so maybe a good one to start off with? x


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