Dove Spring 2013

For purse friendly shower gels and body lotions, Dove are one of my favourite brands. I love the creamy formulation of their products, and the high moisturiser content of the shower gels means it's perfect for lazy days when I can't be bothered to moisturise. Last night, I had the chance to check out their latest launches, and it looks like there are some lovely new products for Spring 2013:
Dove daily care shampoo, Dove colour defence shampoo, Dove cleanse nourish and protect, Dove Spring 13
 Dove daily care and colour defence shampoo

 Starting off with haircare. Dove have gone for a 3 step Cleanse, nourish and protect approach. Previously I've stayed away from their shampoos, as I thought it'd be too rich, but I'm pleased to see they now have a volumising and daily care range, so perfect if you have fine oily roots like myself.

Dove 60 second treatment shot, Dove self warming hair mask, Dove cleanse nourish and protect, Dove spring 13
Dove 60 second treatment shot and self warming hair mask

Despite having oily roots, I do like to deep condition the ends of my hair. Hot on the heels of Tresemme, Dove are also launching a new 60 second treatment shot, as well as a new self warming hair mask. The hair mask only activates once you mix in the serum, and seeing as I love anything gimmicky, I can't wait to give this a go!

Dove compressed deodrant, Dove spring 13
Dove compressed deodrant

Given our obsession with travel sizes and mini products, it's good to that Dove have compressed their deodrants to half the original size. It now comes in at a handy 75ml (so perfect for hand luggage) and because they've only reduced the aerosol content, it promises to last just as long as the original 150ml version.

Dove go fresh body wash, Dove go fresh pomegranate and lemon verbena, Dove cream bar
Dove go fresh body wash and cream bars 

Dove cream bar
Dove cream bar

Dove beauty blossom body lotion, Dove beauty blossom body cream, Dove spring 13
 Dove limited edition orange blossom body lotion and body cream

Finally, 2 of my favourite new products. They've extended their go fresh range with 2 new scents. I particularly like the pomegranate and lemon verbena body wash, but the blue fig and orange blossom one is rather nice too. And as for body lotions, Dove have recently launched a new limited edition beauty blossom range. I love the light fruity floral scent, and given that spring is just around the corner, I think this will one of their bestsellers.

Dove Spring 2013, RRP £1.67-4.99, available now from Boots.

Are you a fan of Dove products? What do you think about their new Spring13 launches? 


  1. The 60 second treatment shot and warming hair mask look interesting, I love how much moisture Dove products have. I'm exactly the same with Shampoo's though, they're too much for my scalp to handle aha. xx
    Lisa |

    1. Same, the 25% moisture content was the reason I started using Dove in the first place. Hope you'll like the new treatment shot and hair mask x

  2. I love Dove shower gels :) So creamy... :)

  3. Blue fig and orange blossom sounds amazing! Can't wait to give that a try!


    1. The new scents are all so lovely, hope you'll like it too x

  4. I've been using the Pro-Age conditioner for just two days now but I love it. Does that mean I have old lady hair? Lol

    1. Haha not at all! I'm always using conditioners that aren't designed for my hair type. Glad you like it though x

  5. The intensive repair warming mask looks amazing. The packet looks like it's alive


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