Styling a bad hair day

When it comes to hair styling, I try and avoid using heat whenever possible. Sometimes though, if I'm having a bad hair day, dry shampoo and GHDs are the only way to make it presentable:

Bad hair day essentials: Ojon rare blend oil, Tresemme blow dry potion & Batiste dry shampoo

What I like about GHDs is that the plates are ceramic coated, so they're nice and smooth. Combined with a high heat, it just glides through my hair and unless my hair is being particularly stubborn, I rarely have to straighten the same bit twice.

I seem to be forever running late in the mornings, so the fact that they heat up within 30 seconds is a big plus for me. It would be nice if you could adjust the temperature, but it's reassuring to know that they've got an automatic sleep mode (I always worry about leaving them on then accidently setting the house on fire)! The quilted travel bag comes in rather handy too.

When straightening, I always start off with a good heat protector. If I've just washed my hair, I'll use a few drops of Ojon rare blend oil on the ends. Otherwise, Tresemme blow dry potion works just as well. It's usually my layers that stick out, and I find separating them into inch wide sections is the quickest way to achieve a sleek look. Once the layers are sorted, I like to run the iron through the ends of hair, curving in slightly to give it a bit of shape. Finally, a spritz of Batiste dry shampoo to boost volume at the roots, and I'm good to go!

Do you own a pair of GHDs? How do you usually style a bad hair day?


  1. I've just dusted off my GHD's to start using them for giving my hair a bit of a curl - it's been a while! LOVE that Ojon oil, amaaazing stuff ;-)

    1. Me too, my hair is quite dry at the ends, and I've been going through so much of that Ojon oil! x

  2. Oooh I wonder what Batiste Mamba smells like - is it new?

    1. It's quite a light floral scent. Not sure if it's new, I got it as part of their Xmas mini gift set x

  3. Your hair looks super sleek and shiny xx


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