Beauty Q&A with Holly Willoughby and Oral B

Something a little bit different today. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to put forward 3 questions for Holly Willoughby and she's kindly answered them all on video for me. If like myself you'd love to know the secrets to her radiant complexion or what her favourite lipgloss is, then click on the video below:

On a little side note, if you've ever wondered how she keeps her smile looking so bright and healthy, then apparently Oral B 3D white luxe healthy shine toothpaste is the answer! It claims to be their most effective toothpaste yet, removing up to 80% of surface stains in just 2 weeks as well as preventing tartar formation for a brighter whiter smile.

oral b 3d white luxe healthy shine toothpaste,
Oral B 3D white luxe healthy shine toothpaste*

Having tried it out, I have to say it's my favourite Oral B toothpaste yet. It doesn't have your typical minty taste (so takes a bit of getting used to), but once you do the effects are worth it. From the first use it left my mouth feeling fresh and clean, and over time a little brighter looking too.

Did you enjoy the beauty Q&A video? Have you tried any of the Oral B toothpastes?


  1. My family stick with the regular colgate :(

  2. I really wanna try these. I wanted to try the pre-wash mouthwash treatment thats out in the US but it costs a bomb to ship/buy her ein the UK :( x


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