Home fragrancing with Neom and Champneys

During the summer I didn't really use any home fragrances, but now that I'm spending most of my evenings at home, I'm obsessed with room sprays and scented candles again. And my 2 favourite scents at the moment - Neom real luxury and Champneys distant shores:

Neom real luxury organic room spray, Champneys distant shores fragranced candle

Starting with Neom real luxury organic room mist, which is aromatherapy based and made up with extracts of lavender, jasmine and Brazillian rosewood. I sometimes find lavender to be quite powdery but combined with the floral notes, Neom have blended it so that it's more relaxing than old fashioned.

Because the ingredients are all so calming, this is perfect for spraying at the end of a long day (I often like to use this just before snuggling down to read in bed). The fragrance is quite long lasting too, especially if you spray it onto fabrics such as pillow cases and curtains.

Champneys distant shores fragranced candle on the other hand is a much more uplifting and summery scent. With notes of grapefruit, lemon, orange peel and cedarwood oils, it's very tropical, and if I close my eyes, I can just about imagine sipping on a cocktail somewhere far more exotic and hotter than where we are now.

I tend to use this one straight after work, when I'm feeling a bit lethargic or if I've had a particulary bad day. Even though it's quite a summery scent, because it comes as scented candle, I still find it very warm and comforting. Perfect for this transitional period where it's no longer summer, but I still can't quite accept it's over just yet!

Have you tried either of this 2 products? What are your favourite Autumnal scents?

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