Rituals laughing buddha body cream and happy mist review

Temperatures may have dropped recently, but with the sun still shining through, I'm determined to hang onto that summer feeling. With that in mind, I've been using these 2 beautifully scented products from the Rituals Laughing Buddha range:

Rituals laughing buddha, Rituals touch of happiness body cream, Rituals laughing buddha happy mist bed and body perfume
Rituals touch of happiness body cream and Happy mist bed and body perfume*

The whole collection is based around Laughing Buddha, a famous monk who had a legendary smile and brought happiness and fortune wherever he went - something that we could all do with in our lives! The two products that I have in my procession are Touch of happiness body cream and Happy mist bed and body spray.

Starting with the body cream, which is thick, moisturising and thanks to the uplifting scent an absolute joy to use. With extracts of sweet orange and cedar wood it really does smell like summer in a bottle! It's got antioxidants and vitamin E too so ideal for my dry Autumn skin.

Happy mist on the other hand is scented with Mandarin and Yuzu, which is more refreshing but still just as summery. Now I'm by no means a morning person, however I love using this to help wake me up. I find citrus ingredients very energising and often use this as a mid-day pick me up too. It's particularly good if I'm in a bad mood or feeling low. With such invigorating and happy ingredients, it's hard to stay in a bad mood for long!

Have you tried anything from the Laughing Buddha range? What are you favourite pick me ups?


  1. I tried this a few weeks ago and I thought it was really good and the Neutrogena stuff always smells amazing :)

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