In flight skincare essentials

Whilst New York was an amazing experience, the dry aeroplane air on my skin, not so much! Having endured long haul flights before, I decided to be proactive this time and pack 9 products to use in flight, ensuring my skin was well hydrated and at least somewhat presentable on arrival:

In flight skincare essentials

Starting with a travel sized Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm and Bioderma micellar water. I try and deep cleanse with the Elemis balm before boarding but if that's not possible than Bioderma and some cotton pads are a good alternative.

Skin cleansed, it's time to get on with a hydrating mask. Clinique moisture surge overnight mask is nice and clear and designed to be applied for a long period of time, making it ideal for a plane journey.

I try and keep the mask on for as long as possible. When it's time for it to come off, I like to rinse it off with water, then use Sk-II facial treatment clear lotion to get rid of any last residues. After that I'll apply Sk-II revival serum followed by the ultimate revival cream.

Sk-II were the three only products that weren't already a part of my everyday routine. I found the moisturiser to be very thick and nourishing, so not something I'd use everyday but great for the dry aeroplane air. The serum on the other hand is packed with active ingredients and felt beautifully light on application, so much so that it's now a new favourite for me.

To complete my skincare routine I like to keep the skin around my eyes hydrated with Soap and glory puffery eye attack and keep lips nice and soft with Lanolips 101 ointment, a must have for any long haul flight.

Finally, before landing, I'll refresh my skin again with the Sk-II facial treatment clear lotion before smoothing out any redness or uneven skintone with my beloved Chantecaille just skin tinted moisturiser.

Skincare routine done, all that was left to do was collect my baggage, go through passport control, and enjoy the rest of my stay knowing I gave my skin the best possible start on holiday! 

Have you travelled anywhere exciting this summer? What were your in flight beauty essentials?


  1. Great bunch of products. I hate my skin being all dehydrated whenever i fly to Hong Kong. I really want to try out the SKII products because everyone seems to rave about them but it is just so expensive. The clinique overnight mask is one i need to try out soon :D

    Thanks for sharing~ Have a great day <3
    *- YingcBeauty-*

  2. omg you need many things :) i preffer less is more :)

  3. I would be panicking too much about flying to do all this I think hehe! The Chantecaille tinted moisturiser sounds incredible!

    Jennie xo |

  4. My skin doesn't dry out too much on long haul flights so I guess I'm lucky. I still get greasy so I always have my blotting papers with me to freshen up. I also have a good lip balm that I apply on a regular basis and drink plenty of water. I never drink alcohol on flights I can't imagine being out of it on a plane!


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