New skincare favourites

After several weeks of festive over indulge and late night parties, my skin has been left looking less than radiant this January. As a result I've made a real effort to focus on skincare and in addition to some old favourites, I've discovered 3 new products too:

Estee Lauder advanced night repair, Elemis white flowers eye & lip make up remover, L'oreal Paris skin perfection day moisturiser

Starting with Elemis white flowers eye and lip make up remover, which has now replaced Bioderma as my make up remover of choice. Compared to Bioderma it takes about half a miniute longer to remove any mascara or eyeshadow, however I find it to be so much gentler and I've have yet to experience any irritation or stinging (even when I accidently get some into my eyes). As with all bi-phasic removers, it feels very conditioning on the skin and thanks to the extracts of white peony, lily and tea, nice and cooling too.

After deep cleansing (and a twice weekly face mask), I've been using Estee Lauder advanced night repair on a daily basis. It's a serum which goes on underneath moisturiser and by morning my skin always feels more hydrated, better rested and just generally brighter looking. Not surprising really when you consider it's got hyaluronic acid and a whole load of antioxidants on it's list of ingredients. Having never tried the original version it's hard to compare, however I will say this feels very light on application, is instantly soothing on the skin and works well under any moisturiser.

Finally during the day I've been graviting towards L'oreal skin perfection day moisturiser. At night I'm still using Clinique DDM, however during the day I wanted something that's a little bit less nourishing yet still thick enough to offer protection from the harsh winter elements. It's got a mattified almost primer like finish so great for using underneath my usual BB cream or foundation. Unlike traditional mattifying moisturisers it's not at all drying on the skin though and over time I've noticed a slight improvement in skin tone and pore size too.

Have you tried any of these 3 products? What are your new skincare favourites?


  1. I really want to give Advanced Night Repair a go!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I have the argon oil night repair serum, the packaging is nearly identical! I've done a review on it if you want to check it out :) I find serums really do make your skin much better in the morning than just moisturiser, I'm glad I got one for Christmas!
    India xx

  3. I keep reading amazing things about the Advanced Night Repair, but keep putting off splashing out on a bottle!
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog


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