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Back in the day spots and blackheads were two of my biggest concerns and like most teenagers I found myself using Bioré pore strips religiously every week in a bid to deep cleanse and draw out any impurities. Fast forward 10 years and Bioré have now revamped and extended the entire range. There's a new charcoal cleanser and face mask as well as the much loved cleansing pore strips, which has now been reformulated to be twice as effective:

Bioré Self heating one minute mask & Ultra deep cleansing pore strips

These days although my skin is less oily I'm still prone to the odd spot or two so I'm always on the lookout for a gentle but effective range to deep cleanse and treat any blemishes. Bioré uses natural charcoal which gently draws out impurities and traps them within the product, ensuring skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.

One of my favourite things about the Deep pore charcoal cleanser is that it has the most amazing fruity fresh scent. The menthol gives it a nice tingling sensation and although it contains SLS there's not much of a lather and I don't find it to be drying on the skin. In the evenings I would always use a balm cleanser, but because this is so refreshing and easy to rinse away, it's the perfect morning pick me up. 

Whenever I'm having a bad skin day I like to use a more intensive treatment and for days when I'm really stretched for time, the Self heating one minute mask is a must have. To use you simply apply the mask onto a damp face and on contact with water it automatically activates and heats up. You can rinse this away after just 60 seconds and afterwards my skin always feels deep cleansed and less oily. I like the fact that it comes in individual sachets too, as the mask will never dry out and it's handy to pack for any trips away.

Finally there's the newly reformulated Ultra deep cleansing pore strips which definitely takes me back to my teenage years. I'm not sure why I ever stopped using them but it's safe to say the obsession is back and after seeing the effect they had on my blackheads, I shall now be making time for the pore strips on a weekly basis again.

Were you a fan of the original Bioré pore strips? Will you be giving the new range a try?

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