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I just wanted to do a quick post about how impressed I am with this nail varnish.

I got this with Glamour magazine and wasn't too impressed initially as it needed two layers so kept smudging but its been a week since I painted my nails and its only chipped a tiny bit on 2 nails!

Its not too clear from the photo but there is a tiny chip on my index and little finger on my left hand.

I'm really impressed that its managed to last 5 days without any chips and even then the chips are really small and barely noticeable. Its the longest I've worn any nail varnish without having to remove it.

I would definitely recommend this nail varnish, especially as its only £2 with Glamour (which is always a good read anyway).


  1. I got this shade too its fab I love it & lasts for ever I wish mags gave away more freebies lol

  2. Sadie- It really is such a gorgeous shade, did you get a nail varnish? x

  3. Juicygirl- if you check the beauty section of moneysavingexpert it tells you which magazines are giving away freebies x

  4. That's a lovely shade! Looks like you had better luck with it than I did...I think I'll have to give my one another chance :)

  5. Lilyloves- Hope its better this time x


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