Top 3 products for under £5

I was tagged by the lovely Daisy to post about my top 3 products for under a fiver each.I've blogged about some of my favourite beauty bargains before so I'll try and choose products that I've not mentioned before so it doesn't get repetitive.


Herbal Essences conditioner, £3.37 (the image is from google as I'm trying to use up my conditioners before buying more of this)
My favourite haircare item would have to be Herbal Essences conditioners. I have quite long hair so conditioner is essential for smooth and shiny locks. I love the fact that there are so many different ones to choose from and they all smell absolutely gorgeous, especially the fruit fusion ones. They do a great job of conditioning my fine hair without weighing it down and whenever I use them I'm left with smooth, shiny and gorgeous smelling hair. They are often on offer at Boots so its even cheaper!


Simple hydrating light moisturiser, £3.42
For a while my skin was playing up really badly and reacting to every single moisturiser except Clinique DD lotion, but I didn't want to pay nearly £30 for what is a pretty basic moisturiser, so I was really happy when I discovered this one. Its a lovely light cream moisturiser that melts into my skin and leaves it hydrated and radiant without looking greasy. Although its not oil free I've not had any problems with spots and it seems to keep my combination skin nicely in balance. And as its designed for sensitive skin so there are no perfume, colour or harsh chemicals which could irritate the skin.

Make up

Maybelline line definer liquid eyeliner, £4.99
This product makes it so quick and easy to line your eyes. Its a pen style eyeliner so you can literally draw the line on. To get a thin line I use the tip of the pen and if I want a more dramatic look I'll use the side of the pen to get a thick line. Its very pigmented and long lasting so there's no need for touch ups although it is easily removed using a make up remover. I brought this nearly a year ago and theres plenty of product left and its not dried out at all. This has definitely become a make up essential for me!

For more beauty bargains check out an earlier post I did with some of my favourite products: Beauty bargains.

I'd love to see what everyone's favourite bargains are so I'm going to leave it open and tag anyone that wants to do this :)

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