Christmas giveaway

I've decided to do a giveaway as a way of saying Merry Christmas and also to say a big thank you to my followers.

The prize contains:

Soap and glory massage glove

Soap and glory mini clean on me shower gel

Almay nearly naked foundation sample

Small clear nail varnish

Cacharel amor amor EDT sample

The Sanctuary warming charcoal detox mask satchet

To enter:
- Be a follower of my blog
- Leave a comment saying 'enter me' and what your top beauty tip is ( I thought it would be a fun way for everyone to pick up some new tips)
- For an extra entry post about this on your blog and leave me a link to let me know
- UK entries only (really sorry if you're an international follower)

The competition will close at midnight on 15th December and a winner will be picked at random. The prize will then be posted asap and hopefully will arrive in time for you to pamper yourself for Xmas.

Good luck!


  1. Enter Me!!

    And one of my top tips is constant hydration!! It doesn't matter what you put on your skin if its not hydrated it wont look good

    I'm boring I know!


    Advertised as well xD

  3. Don't apply perfume to the obvious areas - try rubbing a finger full behind the ears, back of the neck, belly button and behind the knees - that way your whole body will smell of it, but you're not overpowering it by spraying it in obvious areas.

    Enter me please :)

  4. Hey sweetie please enter me :D my tip is to alter up your routine every now and again dont get stuck in a rut take a look at my last post about it xx

  5. Enter me please - my beauty tip is to put cream on your tootsies overnight and put on some cotton socks for soft nice looking feet

  6. Ooh fab, enter me please :).

    My beauty tip would be to drink lots and lots of water, keeps your skin hydrated and so much clearer.


  7. Hi chick great give away xoxo

    Please enter me :)

    My beauty tip use vasline on your lips to keep them super soft & kissable for the party season

  8. Enter me please! My top tip is sudocrem! Makes skin beautiful. Thank you for this contest, love your blog!

  9. Enter me please!

    My top tip for clear skin is to drink loads of water and remove every scrap of makeup before bed. It makes all the difference.


  10. enter me please :)
    my tip - when removeing eye make-up do not rub! Hold the cotton ball/pad on the eye for a mintue or two and gently wipe away

    the same technique can be used to take nail varnish off

  11. Enter Me Please!
    My tip is to always apply lipbalm before you put on lipstick - it makes it last longer :)
    i've posted about this in the sidebar of my blog

  12. Enter me please :)
    il post this comp in my side bar too!

    My top beauty tip is, drink water and lemon, its so good for your skin :)

  13. Enter me please gorgeous!

    My top tip to give eyelashes a boost and a nice curl is to apply one coat, then put yur head upside down and put your hairdryer on a cool setting then blast the air upwards onto your lashes, then apply another coat of mascara... and voila you have gorgeous lashes!


  14. Enter me please!
    My tip is too put vaseline on before you put your purfume on it makes it last way longer!


  15. Enter me please!
    My beauty tip is too, apply cream/gel blush BEFORE foundation for a much move natural look!!


  16. Hey doll! Please enter me :] ♥

  17. Lovely giveaway. My tip is to have a soak in the bath before shaving your legs that way your pores are open and will give a smoother shave =) dont forget to moisturize afterwards ;)
    Please enter me xx

  18. Enter me please hun, my tip is for a sheer or low coverage foundation, add some of your foundation to your moisturiser!


  19. Enter me!

    my tip is before you go to bed rub vaseline into your eyelashes. when you wake up you'll find your lashes darker and longer!

    For all things fashion:

  20. Enter me! And the best ever beauty tip anyone can get is to drink a lot of water :)

    Here's the post~

    xx Livia

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. please enter me,
    my top tip is to moisturise before applying any foundation; this stops it going patchy and helps to blend in your foundation. put on a thinish layer all over the face and neck, wait a minute then apply your fave foundation (:

  23. Enter me please :)

    My top tip is to make home made body scrubs with sugar and olive oil (or coconut oil) as it's easy, fun, effective and cheap. Don't eat too much of if though hehe! x

  24. Enter me please=]

    My tip is to always condition your hair and leave it on for 5 min then wash it of with cold water for shine=]

  25. Enter me please!

    Top tip make sure you always remove all your make up before putting on moisturiser otherwise it clogs your pores. x

  26. enter me please!

    My top tip is:

    If you run of eye makeup remover just use baby oil and cotton wool it just melts the makeup from your eyes, and its brill on waterproof mascara....all this without rubbing :)


  27. Enter me please!
    Asprin tablets (crushed) and mixed with honey make a great face mask xx

  28. enter me please! my beauty tip is also a bit of a money saving tip, it's using baby wipes as make up remover wipes. they're so cheap and are usually bigger! you can get fragrance free sensitive skin ones too!

  29. oo enter me please! :-)
    My top beauty tip is to pop lip balm first thing on a morning. That way when you get round to putting your lipstick/lipstick on your lips are lovely and moisturised :-) xx

  30. Enter me please :)
    My tip is blistex, I aplly it at night and even mix it with hard lipsticks (like myth) to make it more creamy. Its also good to be massaged into your lipps at night too :)

  31. Enter me please, my top beauty tip is putting a deep cleansing mask just on my spots and leaving it overnight and washing it off in the morning, it really helps dry them out and help with the redness.


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