Review - Lush seanik shampoo bar

Product: Lush seanik shampoo bar

Price: £4.53 for 55g

What they say: Softening sea salt shampoo with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. Many of our planet's most potent nutrients come from the deep blue sea. Lush has them brought ashore to create an ocean blue Shampoo Bar with protein-rich, softening Irish moss seaweed, Japanese nori seaweed and sea salt to leave your hair soft, nourished and full of body. We could have left it at that, but that's just not our way. We added lemon oil for extra shine, and the exotic far eastern fragrance of mimosa and jasmine to bathe you in the heady scent of tropical flora.

What I think: Another great product from Lush. I got this as part of the Freshers box and I love it.

I simply rub the bar about 5 times around my head and it lathers up beautifully. It leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and shiny and it isn't drying at all, although I always condition my hair after shampooing. My hair didn't feel like it had more volume after using this but I do have very fine hair and I've yet to find a product that gives it more volume. Like all lush products it smells gorgeous and this has a fresh oceany scent although I wish the scent was stronger so that it would linger in my hair after rinsing.

Lush claims that shampoo bars can last as long as 3 bottles of liquid shampoo and having used this I can definitely see why. You only need to use a little bit each time so the bar will last for ages as long as you dry it properly.

Rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase: Definitely


  1. Hmmm this sounds interesting and I have heard about all the good things of Lush and sea weed but I am yet to try any of their products!

  2. Goldenwolf- I would definitely recommend it, of all the Lush things I've tried its one of my favourite. Let me know how you get on with it if you decide to get it x


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