Review- Aldi Siana nourishing anti-wrinkle night cream

A while ago there was a lot of hype around this product as it had performed very well in some consumer tests. I've generally been impressed with Aldi toiletries so I thought I might as well give this a go and I've been using this for the last few weeks so I could give it a fair review:

Aldi Siana nourishing anti-wrinkle night cream

Price: £1.89 for 50ml

What they say: Siana nourishing anti-wrinkle night cream is a rich cream formula, developed in line with the latest scientific insights, to provide care for your facial skin and support your skin's own overnight repair and regeneration. It contains retinol complex and co-enzyme Q10, for all skin types.

What I think: The product is simply packaged in a glass jar with an outer cardboard box.
In the jar its a thick cream but on contact with body heat when I rub my hands together it softens up and applies easily to the face without any dragging. The moisturizer sinks in fairly easily with no greasy afterfeel and it feels very comfortable on the face.

The product is quite strongly scented (it reminded me of kitchen/bathroom cleanser) which I found quite offputing at the start but luckily the smell disappears after application and over time I didn't mind it as much.

I find it very moisturising and the next morning my skin always feels soft, smooth and well hydrated. At 21 I don't have any wrinkles yet so I can't comment on that aspect but hopefully I will see the benefits in a few years time!

Rating: 8/10

Would I repurchase: Maybe, its currently a toss up betwee this one and the Superdrug vitamin E night cream.

Have you tried this cream before? What is your favourite night cream?


  1. Thinking of starting to use this at night. Thanks for the review :) They always say you're never too young to start using anti-wrinkle stuff!

  2. I have used this, recently run out of it. I really like it.

    Its good for the price and does moisturizes very well. great for under £2! :)

  3. Cinny Loves- Exactly, preventation is always better than cure! x

    Sarbeauty- Its definitely a bargain moisturizer x

  4. Great night cream


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