February favourites and using everything up

During February the cold weather and being ill has left me with drier skin normal (probably not helped by the products I've been trying to use up) and earlier mornings has meant less time to do my make up, so all of this this month's favourites are products that are very moisturising or make up that is quick and easy to apply:

My go to lipbalm that doubles up as a lipgloss. I apply this throughout the day and at bedtime for super soft lips. Plus its a good intensive moisturizer for any dry patches of skin.

Fresh hand it to me hand scrub
A lovely peach scented hand scrub that has lots of exfoliating granules plus moisturizing ingredients for soft and smooth hands. I use this a few times a week followed by TBS hemp hand cream to keep dry hands at bay!

Superdrug vitamin E nourishing night cream
I've been using this for years and it always leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturized and radiant the next morning.

Garnier tinted eye roll on
This does a good job of covering my dark circles and the roll on makes it so quick and easy to use. Click here to read my full review.

Maybelline dream mousse blush in peach satin
This gives a lovely pop of colour to the cheeks which really helps to brighten my face. Its easier to apply than my powder blushers as I simply get a bit on my finger and blend into the apples of the cheeks. This has been my go to blusher this month as I find it so much quicker to use than my MAC ones.

I'm still sticking to my use everything up challenge and this month I've managed to finish 11 products which I'm really pleased about (although quite a few are small samples):

- Lush sexy peel soap
- Clearasil total control foaming cleansing cloths satchet
- Superdrug Vitamin E nourishing night cream 125ml
- Soap and glory hair supply 75ml
- Clinique liquid facial soap mild 50ml
- Clean and clear exfoliating daily wash 7ml
- Oxy triple action wipe sample
- Chanel UV essential 30ml
- Nivea young wash off cleansing gel 1.5ml
- Olay daily facials clarifying lathering cleansing clothes sample
- 2x Nivea irresistibly smooth body lotion 4ml

What have been some of your favourite products this month? Also if there are any products you'd recommend for dehydrated skin please let me know, thanks.


  1. I used to use that Fresh scrub for hands but I haven't been able to find it in Boots for ages, the SA told me it was discontinued.

    My TERO hasn't arrived yet :( and I'm itching to try it out.

  2. i use the little green tin from superdrug for my lips its amazing and it smells like apples too lol :)

  3. Rhamnousia- Oh thats such a shame, its a lovely product. Thinking about it I only see their stuff at Xmas time nowadays. The TERO won't disappoint, fingers crossed it turns up soon x

    Charmed-chick- Thanks for the recommendation, I love apple scented products so will definitely check out x

  4. I am so tempted to try the Chanel sun block after your review. I am currently loving Estee Lauder's advance night repair serum. It makes my skin feel so good the next day and it helps retain moisture. I am also loving the Lush Honey I washed the kids soap. It smells soooo nice.

    Re the moisturiser, for the body I like using Lush's King of Skin moisturizing bar in the shower. For the face, I have been using TBS's Aloe Vera moisturiser which I find very moisturizing but it's not greasy. But then my skin is not excessively dry so I don't know if it would suit you. TBS gives out samples of everything so it might be worth trying.

  5. You can't beat good old vaseline! Nice post :) xx

  6. Random london girl- Get it, it really is a great product, plus Debenhams have a discount code atm! Thanks for the recommendations, I always thought my skin was combination but lately its been feeling a bit on the dry side. I've stopped using my tea tree cleanser but if that doesn't help I'll definitely check out some of the things you've suggested x

    India- Thanks lovely x

  7. ah you just reminded me, I ALWAYS say i want to get dream matte mousse blush before i head out shopping and i always forget. haha

    wow you went through the garnier tinted roll on superfast, it's only been out a month or so.

  8. Yin- Glad the post was useful :) Lol I haven't finished the roll on, in fact I've still got loads left, its just been one of my most used products this month x

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  10. Vaseline is amazing, especially in the winter! When I have super dry patches of skin that I can't get rid off, I warm up a bit of Vaseline in my hands and apply it as a night cream. It works wonders (=

  11. Gaby- Thanks for the tip, I love vaseline, its such a versatile product, going to apply some to my superdry elbows later x


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