Barry M nail paint in Raspberry

I was given a bottle of this as part of my secret Santa present from the beautiful Abby, but just never got round to using it until this morning.

Out of all the nail varnishes I own, this was the quickest and easiest to apply. The brush is a little smaller than the Nails Inc one so it was easier to control where the polish went and consequently it was really easy to get a neat line at the cuticles and almost none went on my fingers.

With flash

As the name suggests its a gorgeous ruby red colour with a hint of pink, and is very pigmented so you only need one coat to get a rich even colour. It also dries to a glossy finish so you don't need a top coat although after taking this photo I added a coat of No 7 so strong nail varnish as I find it helps nail varnishes to stay chip resistant for longer.

Without flash

I am seriously impressed with this nail varnish and am planning on trying a few other colours from the range, hopefully they'll be just as good.

Are you a fan of Barry M nail paints?


  1. I love this colour! I may have to purchase.
    I am a hugeee fan of barry M nail paints!
    Im a huge fan of barry M in general :)

  2. Lauren- Buy it, its so nice you won't regret it! What Barry M products would you recommend? x

  3. I have a lovely one in a really dark blue that I love on my toes in the summer! This is a gorgeous colour :D x

  4. Emily- The dark blue one sounds lovely, bring on the summer! x

  5. love the colour!

    For everything about fashion:

  6. I like Barry M for the price and the colours, but I bought a yellow nail polish and then my nails just stayed yellow. I had to wait for them to grow again to be clean, so I'd suggest using a base coat.

  7. awesome colour!!! raspberries...yummy.

    nice blog :)


  8. Missy- Me too, its gorgeous! x

    Netty's world- It really is, I keep looking at my nails and admiring the colour lol x

    Marietta- Thanks for the advice x

    Lizzie_fitz- Thanks x

  9. I'm wearing this colour at the moment! It's gorgeous, isn't it!

  10. that is the perfect berry color! :)

  11. Dreams that glitter- It certainly is! x

    Tinypaperheart- It is indeed x

  12. I have this colour also and it's gorgeous! Really wintery and I love it. Barry M nail paints are so affordable and they're really good for long lasting too. Mine will probably stay chip free for a whole week! And at £2.99 each, you can't really go wrong!


  13. Great color, it looks so good on you

  14. Lauren- That's good, it takes me a while to paint my nails so the longer they stay chip free the better :) x

    Amandita- Thanks x

  15. I have this on right now and love it XO

  16. I'm so glad you like it hun! I love it too :):) xx

  17. Hannahbabeyxo- Its so pretty isn't it, perfect for the winter/spring period atm :)

    Abbzzw- I love it, kept looking at my nails during my lecture this morning and admiring the colour, thanks so much lovely x

  18. i just love that color, it is so bright and fresh.

    check out my review on Sunlove self tanning airbrush spray, it gives the most wonderful glow and a natural color....

  19. hi! just joined your blog today :)

    really cute nail colors! too bad we don't have Barry M here (well where I live anyway), I'd love to get some though!

  20. Doodledaisy- Its so pretty isn't it x

    Lily- Thanks for following. Its a shame that Barry M isn't available abroad, whereabouts are you from? x

  21. love the colour, also tempted by the grey i saw reviewed

  22. Kirsty- Both are beautiful colours. Barry M sometimes have offers on so you could get both x


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