Calling all false eyelashes experts

I have quite short straight eyelashes that really need some extra help to stand out and since blogging I've become interested in trying some false lashes, but I've just never got round to buying any. However after talking about how big an impact lashes have on a look and reading some great posts I decided to get some cheap ones to try out.

Today I won a bid on a set of false eyelashes on Ebay and I get to choose any 10 lashes from the photo below:

(photo from Ebay)

I'd like to have a selection of natural and dramatic looking ones and am thinking of getting numbers:

Are they a good selection? or would you recommend any of the other ones? Thanks in advance.


  1. I think the 1028's would look lovely :)

  2. My eyes were drawn to the same ones you picked :)

    I've only ever tried ELF false eyelashes and think they are good (except the glue is pretty rubbish).


  3. i think i'd swap the 07 for the 00 because the 07 looks similar to the 118 and the 00 has a nice curl to it

  4. I think they all look lovely. I usually just buy whatever I can find at the drugstore. I really only wear half sets though, not full sets because they are much easier to apply! I hope you have fun playing around with them!

  5. i would go for

    u get the natural
    the semi natural and the loud ones :)

  6. I'd def go for the 1028 they look lovely. They're all nice I think hun :) xxx

  7. I think the 1028 set sweetie, thats the ones I would choose, nice and natural looking but glam at the same time. The ones you have chose are all lovely!! xXx

  8. Jess- Thanks lovely, wasn't sure if they'd be too dramatic x

    Lu- Thanks lovely, I remember seeing the elf ones on the website but never got round to ordering lol x

    desiiGirl87- Thanks for the recommendation, have added the 00 to my list x

  9. Beautygirl24- Thanks, I've never worn them before but hopefully it won't be too hard to put on, fingers crossed! x

    Elli-Wilson- Thanks for the recommendations, really appreciate it x

    ♥ ChloĆ« ♥- Thanks lovely x

    suzi.x0- Thanks lovely, the 128 seems to be the most popular one by far! x

  10. Yep good selection for sure! Ebay is god. xx

  11. It does take a little practise to apply false lashes but i am sure you'll pick it up :). Make sure you apply your makeup before you apply the lashes, and if you use black eye liner too on the lash line it's handy cause if the lashes arent totally along the lash line it wont be as noticable. But i'm sure i've told you what you already know lol.

  12. Charmed chick- Thanks so much for the advice, believe me its much needed. I need to buy some glue first and get experimenting but your advice will come in very handy! x


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