January favourites and using everything up

These are the products that I've been using and loving this month:

The body shop hemp hand creamI'm constantly washing my hands throughout the day which can leave me with dry hands. However this rich cream is really moisturising and gets rid of any dryness straight away. Its quite thick so you only need to use a little bit and it can take a while to sink in so I only use this once during the day and overnight, but that's enough to leave me with soft hands and keep dryness at bay.

MAC springsheen blushBecause of the lack of sun my skin can look washed out so blusher is a make up essential atm. I love this colour, its a gorgeous peachy pink with a hit of shimmer. It just gives a gorgeous glow to the cheeks without leaving me all glittery (which I hate). I never thought I'd wear anything but matte blusher but this has completely converted me and I wouldn't go back to matte blushers.

Origins modern friction exfoliator

I didn't like this when I first used it as I felt it was too gentle, but its actually a lovely exfoliator. Its got very small particles which is great for a gentle scrub. I use this twice a week and it helps to keep my skin smooth and radiant. Because its so gentle I can spend a while rubbing it into my skin and giving myself a facial massage at the same time.

Primark black eyeliner

I've been applying this to my waterline when going out to define and make my eyes stand out. It applies very easily and doesn't drag on the skin at all. It does need to be reapplied throughout the night but thats fine as its so small you can easily just put it in your bag for touch ups. Such a bargain at a quid as well.

Carmex cherry lipbalmA really great product for soft lips and it smells like a bag of strawberry lances. My friend actually asked me if I was eating sweets when I was applying it. Its got a thicker consistancy than vaseline so doesn't rub off as easily so no need for constant reapplication.

This month has been another slow month for finishing up products but I've managed to finish:

- Garnier clean and fresh cleansing milk
- Lush love juicy shampoo sample
- Nivea young tinted moisture sample
- Mini Lush celestial moisturizer

I'm nearly at the end of several products and I've got loads of samples to use up so hopefully next month the list will be longer.

Would love to know how you're getting on if you're doing something similar.


  1. I like the Origins Exfoliator - it's really gentle but definitely makes my skin look and feel better. That Mac blusher looks lovely too :) x

  2. I loooove Modern Friction. Amazing stuff :)

  3. I love Carmex Cherry lipbalm - haven't had it in ages though :)

    Awarded you in my blog xo

  4. LilyLipstick- Its a great product, the MAC blusher is gorgeous, would definitely recommend if you're after a gorgeous everyday colour x

  5. I love those products, nice choices!


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