How pretty does everything look in the snow?

Last year when it snowed in February all uni lectures got cancelled and I ended up going out to the park with a group of friends to build snowmen and have a massive snowball fight, followed by hot chocolate and dinner afterwards.

It was just such a fun day and it was nice to do something a bit different and act like little kids again, especially as we've not had much snow in recent years. A few photos from February:

Have you had much snow where you live?


  1. Here in Hampshire we've had a load of snow!!

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  3. Hey, Ive given you an award (:

  4. Goldenwolf- Hope the snow hasn't caused any probs for you and you had some fun x

  5. oooh i love how pretty the snow looks :)
    it hardly ever snows where i am unfortunately!

    love the kooky snow men too hehe!


  6. snow! i'm jealouuuuuusssssss xD
    i live in tropical country =/

  7. C'est moi, Cecilia- Haha thanks, my friends decided to build an fortress by their front door and have the 2 snowmen guarding it! x

  8. Marla Singer- I'll send some snow your way! Am very jealous that you get such warm weather x

  9. Looks amaaazing! Your snowmen are very impressive. There is only an inch or so of sludgy dirty ice in central London right now :(

  10. Randomlondongirl- Haha thanks. The snow has iced over as well here although luckily its still white. Has the snow disrupted London much at all? x


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