Review- I love juicy shampoo

I've been a little obsessed with all things Lush recently and on one of my many visits to the store I picked up some of this shampoo to try out. Here's my review:

Product: Lush I love juicy shampoo

Price: £4.20 -£13.45

What they say:I Love Juicy is an amazingly fruity shampoo for getting your hair really clean. It is genuinely juicy, too, with our vitamin and mineral-packed fruit mixture as a base, loads of cleansing organic papaya and kiwi with citrus oils for shine, toning and fruity fragrance. Washing with a fruit and seaweed mix removes grease and softens the hair. Don't be dirty, be fabulously fruity.

What I think: The thing that attracted me to this shampoo was how lovely and citrusy it smelt and in that aspect it didn't disappoint. The shampoo lathers up well - you only need a small blob each time and it smelt great whenever I used it. I have fine hair that needs washing every 2 days and to be honest this shampoo didn't do anything for my hair. My hair didn't feel particularly clean when I washed it and by the second morning it felt a bit greasy and I needed to dry shampoo. In fact it made more hair get greasy quicker compared to my usual shampoos.

Rating: 4/10

Would I repurchase: No, it smells great and lathers up well but its not as good as my other shampoos.


  1. I also bought this recently. I love the smell and it did make my hair feel clean but agree it didn't help with not making hair greasy! Plus its overly expensive!! I wouldn't repurchase either! xx

  2. I havnt been to lush in ages i need to go & go soon im going to buy this just for the name lol

  3. Ooo I had this too - have still not finished it.. I don't like it! Definitely made my hair even MORE greasy and tangly too :( Was gutted!! xxx

  4. Pyxie- Its such a shame it doesn't work as it smells gorgeous x

  5. Juicygirl- Haha I guess its got your name on the label, hope it works better for you x

  6. Jules- Its so bad that a shampoo designed for greasy hair makes it more greasy! x


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