Marc Jacobs jewellery

At the Maxfactor event a blogger mentioned that there was a discounted Marc Jacobs store nearby, and as expected everyone got very excited and wanted to pay a visit to the shop.

After the event, Maxfactor organised for us to have our eyebrows threaded at Topshop, but a few of us (me included)had ours done recently so decided to go check out this store instead.

Thanks to Muhsine's iphone, me, Muhsine and Lina managed to find our way to the store.

The store had a variety of items for sale, including clothes, bags, jewellery, keyrings and mirrors.

They had some lovely shiny Marc Jacobs wallets for around £15 which I was really tempted to get but decided to be good and leave it as I've already got quite few wallets.

Here's what I ended up buying:

2x Pearl and gold heart bracelet (£1)
Silver ring with 'tibi. in omne tempus' inscribed (£1)

The latin on the ring means 'for you, forever' which I thought was really sweet, but when I got home and put it on (it was wrapped up in tissue paper in a bag), it was bigger than the one I tried on in store which I'm really disappointed about.

If any of you want to go check it out the store is located at: 24-25 Mount St, W1K, which is just off Park Lane.


  1. wow so cheap! I'm in love with that braclelet, it's so pretty! I wish there was a store like that near me :)

    xo Caitlin

  2. I've been to that line of Marc Jacobs store in NY, they do have some nice cheap accessories!

  3. omg im in love & super cheap too your a very lucky lady lol xoxo

  4. Seriously, £1? That's so cheap it'd be worth a train fare to London because the bracelets are gorgeous!

  5. What a bargain!! You can get bars to put in rings to make them smaller (either metal ones or clear plasticy ones- I'm sure thy come really cheaply and will make the ring small enough for you to wear without getting it resized!

    Hope the event was fun! :)
    Emma x

  6. oh man, i wish i went to the maxfactor event. i LOVE maxfactor!

  7. Wow! Those prices are amazing! hehe xx

  8. gorgeous bracelets! jealous!!

  9. OMG!!!!! Thanks so much for telling us! I am so checking that store out as adore Marc by Marc Jacobs and have a horge bag of his! Was it just a store of his items?
    Fab post hun and you got some gorgous and sersiouly amazing bargins!!!


  10. really pretty :D

  11. aww Im jealous, my aunt lives in Australia so she could prob take a look for me!

    thanx for your comment luv!


  12. Hey lovely, was great meeting you too! Ahhh, I have to go through my MJ goodies and blog about those too - they're still in their bag, would you believe! Hopefully see you soon xx


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