Tea tree oil

My skin's been playing up a lot since Christmas (probably a combo of bad diet and exam stress) so during the Xmas sales I popped into Superdrug and picked up some spot treatment.

The tea tree oil caught my eye and as its meant to be naturally anti-septic and anti-bacterial so I thought I might as well give it a try and see how it compares to the likes of Clearsil.

The product comes in a mini bottle which I wasn't keen on as the oil comes out either really slowly or really fast so you end up with too much but that aside I've been quite impressed with it.

It doesn't make spots disappear but it helps to dry it out and make it smaller and less red.Even though its an oil I can still wear it during the day without any problems, I just dab on a tiny bit during the day but at night time I like to use a bit more and massage it into the skin.

I've been using it for nearly over a month and the oil has hardly gone down in the bottle. Would definitely recommend this if you want a more natural spot treatment.


  1. Have you tried some tea tree oil in some water and then steam your face? Lush do some tea tree toner tabs, you may like them :). I might check out this Superdrug Tea Tree range though!


  2. i hate it when your skin goes through a bad stage. I hope this clears it up for you.
    Tea Tree Oil does last a few long time, i even have a tea tree mask that has lasted me ages.
    I will look at using this as a treatment for blemishes, thanks.

  3. I find lavender oil works better than tea tree oil as its not as drying but still helps gently dry spots up. Great for light scaring too! :)

  4. hi dear, sorry to hear bout that... I had this similar problem late last year too and i was so depressed at that time coz the breakouts and pimples were so stubborn. I've tried tea tree oil too and I think I've used up for about 3-4 15ml bottles of those. Anyway, the results were so so only..
    But after that I found Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel and now my skin esp the cheek n chin r clear again. I'm swearing on this product now, seriously. =)

  5. Iv tagged you on my blog! :)


  6. thanks darl! :) *virtual hug*
    i hope everything has been well with you dear :)


  7. great blog, you have a ton of posts that are useful and that I can relate to. Good stuff!


  8. Dreams that glitter- I brought some tea tree tabs ages ago as part of the Fresher's box, thanks for reminding me, think I'll do a pamper day after exams x

    Jordy's Beauty Spot- Its so frustrating when your skin starts playing up. Hope this works for you x

    Style me famous- Thanks for the tip lovlely x

    Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!- You're welcome, hope you like it x

    ShaynaJo- That's a shame it didn't work for you, I guess different skin reacts differently. I've not heard of that product before, is it available in the uk? x

  9. xcharleym0ox- Thanks for the award lovely x

    C'est moi, Cecilia ♥- Virtual hug back :) I'm ok just stressed about exams atm, cannot wait for them to be over! x

    Lisa- Thanks lovely x


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