Recent good reads

There's nothing like reading a good book to relax and I love to snuggle up in my duvet with a mug of hot chocolate and a good novel.

These are 4 books that I've read recently and have throughly enjoyed:

The chocolate lovers' diet (Carole Matthews)
This is about the life and love of a group of friends who form the chocolate lovers' club. Lucy who is trying to deal with her feelings for Aidan and Marcus, Autumn who is struggling to balance her boyfriend and family issues, Nadia who is trying to work things out with her gambling addicted husband and Chantal, who is trying to save her marriage.

Do not disturb (Tilly Bagshawe)

This follows Honor Palmar as she tries to restore her family hotel back to its former glory, but standing in her way is another hotel nearby managed by Lucas Ruiz. This book has plenty of drama, scandal, romance and betrayal.

Happy birthday ( Christina Jones)
Phoebe has just been jilted at the alter by fiance Ben and is trying to rebuild her life. On top of that she has to deal with her grumpy neighbour Rocky but she starts volunteering at an old people's home and makes friends with Essie and together she rediscovers her love for all things astrology and finds happiness in her life.

From here to maternity ( Sinead Moriarty)
Emma and James have wanted a baby for ages and now they have finally adopted a baby Emma falls pregnant. Life is far from easy, as well as dealing with babies they also have to deal with an interfering mother, Emma's brother marrying someone unsuitable, a combustible best friend and an outrageous sister.

All these books were very well written and kept me throughly engaged and entertained. All 4 of them were definite page turners and I strugged to put them down once I'd started reading.

Have you read any good novels recently?


  1. I do love a good book!

    I'm currently wading through the box set if Sookie Stackhouse novels that the Mr bought me for Christmas, I've read 2 in 3 days so far - just can't put them down!


  2. I'm reading the Sookie novels too, will have to check these 4 out once I'm finished

  3. I've just finished the Sookie books so was looking for a new book to read, will definitely look into these. Great idea for a blogpost, thanks! xx

  4. i love reading ... ive just finished the twilight saga and there fantastic!
    another book ive read recently was - GLitz by Louise Bagshaw ... i recommend it to anyone who likes girlie stories!


  5. BrionyLou- They sound interesting, will have to check them out x

  6. Lollipop- No worries, hope you like them x

  7. Sugar&spice- I keep meaning to read the Twilight books, will definitely get round to it one day lol. Glitz sounds just like my type of book, thanks for the recommendation x

  8. I always said im not reading the Twilight saga .... but after i started the first one i couldnt put them down lol!!

    Glitz is about 4 sister's who are all heiress's, who then get told there getting no money ever again, its so funny!! xx

  9. Glitz- I'm hoping to go to the library this week and will definitely be reserving/borrowing both, thanks lovely x

  10. These all sound like great reads. I need to get back into the habit of picking up a good book! xo

  11. Have you read the series Christina Jones does - I think Happy Birthday is kind of the same - like magicy ones? I LOVE her! Hubble Bubble, then I think the next is Seeing Stars, then Love Potions then there are a couple more - if you have read them sorry for such a longish comment but if not you must check them out! Happy Birthday is def on my wishlist to try and get! xxxx

  12. Girl with the golden touch- thanks so much for the recommendations, I haven't read the other ones so will definitely be checking them out. Once I get my new diary I'm going to make a list of all the books I want to read and slowly work my way through the them this year x

  13. Jennie- would definitely recommend them if you want some light hearted girly reads x


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