Garnier bloggers event

Yesterday Garnier held a blogger's event to promote the new products that they will be releasing. I was lucky enough to be invited for a preview of everything.

The main product is their new line of deodrants which offers 48hrs of non stop protection. These have been in development for several years and contains 'mineralite', which comes from volcanoes and is very absorbent yet at the same time allows the skin to breathe. There are 6 different ones each with its own scent:

- silky
- sensitive
- ultra dry
- extra care
- fresh
- invisible

Garnier organised for a fragrance expert to talk us through the different scents and we were given tester strips so we could smell it for ourselves. Sensitive has a talcy powdery scent and others were were mostly floral fruity scents which I really liked.

Face wash and tinted eye roll on

Styling products and hair dye

As well as the deodrant Garnier have lots of skincare, haircare and suncare products being launched this year. Some of my favourite products are the high factor tanning oil (which smelt really tropical), a really fresh smelling aftersun lotion, a tinted eye roll on and a new self tanning gel.

Aftersun lotion and self tan gel

The gorgeous smelling tanning oil

I love the way the products are displayed, so picturesque!

Garnier said that they would email us some more information about the products, which I will post about once I receive their email. We were also generously given a goodie bag filled with the entire range of deodrants to try out:

I was quite nervous as it was my first event but everyone was so lovely and I really enjoyed meeting other beauty bloggers. Sorry I left quite quickly at the end, I was walking with Jen to the lifts and didn't realise everyone was still hanging around upstairs. so didn't get a chance to properly talk to everyone. Hopefully there'll be other events in the future :)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your first bloggers event! Garnier were very generous, i was just 'disappointed' to see i had duplicates as opposed to one of each scent. but its ok :) im looking forward to the tanning gel and the sun oil!

  2. Cherrychan- That's a shame, it would have been nice if you got to try out all the different scents. I really liked the sun oil, it smelt so nice and tropical! x


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