Boxing day sale goodies

Did anyone else think the sales were crazy this year? I know its normally busy but this year there were so many people it was hard to move around. I met up with a few friends and we literally had to push our way through. River island actually had a huge queue of people waiting to go in, which was disappointing as we didn't get a chance to have a look around.

These are the goodies I managed to pick up:

Topshop - Green and black floral dress (£10.80)

Accessorize - Pretty gold butterfly design necklace (£3)

I did try not to buy any more toiletries as I've still got quite a lot
to use up but the Lush spend £20 get a free gift offer
was just too good to resist:

Lush - Angels delight soap (£2.70)
- Coolaulin conditioner (£3.15)
- Each peach (and two's a pair) massage bar (£4.63)
- Pop in the bath bubble bar (£2.61)
- 2x Christmas eve bubble bar (£2.50)
- 2x So white bath ballistic (£1.75)

Because my Lush goodies came to over £20 I was allowed to
choose a free gift set or premade bag, I went for the Happy gift set (worth £21.04):

It contains - The olive branch shower gel
- Happy hippy shower gel
- Lemslip buttercream
- Bohemian soap
- Whoosh shower jelly
- Up you get emotibomb
- Sandstone soap

I also purchased a silver photo frame from Boots (which I put in my friend's bag and forget to get back) and a pretty purple bra from La Senza.

I also brought the Soap and glory hatbox (£20) when it was on offer before Xmas

I was a little disappointed with what the shops had on sale as I was hoping to buy some more clothes but I did manage to get some good bargains and I love everything that I've brought.

Did you manage to pick up anything nice in the sales this year?


  1. great post, love the necklace and you got some nice things from Lush :)
    I have a few posts coming up of what I got in the sales, it was crazy in accessorize when I went in!

  2. I love the topshop dress! I also picked up some things from the Lush sale and I am tempted to go back for more!! I didn't make it to any clothes shops but I did order some online in the sales =) xx

  3. That accessorize necklace is so lovely and I'm jealous you managed to get your hands on the soap and glory hat box! xo

  4. love the necklace and the dress.. i regret not going out to get the soap and glory box when it was on offer :(

    i agree with you though.. i found the sales a bit dossapointing this year aswell.


  5. I really wanted to take advantage of Lush's offer but I already go so much for Christmas.
    All your buys are lovely though! I'm never good in sales, I always find things I like for normal price

  6. Love the necklace. Huge bargain!
    I havent braved the sales yet.... off out tomorrow though :(
    Happy New Year! Emma x

  7. I like that topshop floral top! Very cute! Thanks for the follow girl...luv the blog!

  8. Love the necklace and the Lush, Christmas Eve is my fave :) xxx

  9. WoW! you really had a wonder lust of the year's sale, huh?

    Everything's are well choosen. Loving the necklace.

    Blessings to you,

  10. I love the Topshop dress, why could'nt I find that when I went in TS! you lucky girl what a bargain


  11. Caz- Looking forward to reading your post, I love haul posts x

  12. Pyxiee- Go on, you know you want to, its just too good an offer to resist atm x

  13. Jennie- I nearly didn't, when I got to the shop (at 12pm!) they had none of display but luckily the assistant told me they were just getting some from the stockroom so I hung around for a bit and managed to get one x

  14. Rosa adores- Glad its not just me, oh well our purse will probably thank us for it x

  15. Katy Wilko- Thanks lovely. I know what you mean, its so much effort to browse the sales and they're so hit and miss x

  16. Emma- Happy new year! Did you find anything nice? x

  17. Girl With The Golden Touch- Its lovely isn't it x

  18. Richie's 2ts Inspires- Thanks, glad you like the purchases x

  19. The Brunette- Maybe they have it online? It was definitely my lucky find of the day x


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