I only went to the supermarket...

The other day whilst I was out food shopping in Aldi I saw these cute Ugg style slippers on sale and they were so warm and comfy that I just had to get them, especially as it was freezing cold that day. Plus they were a bargain at £4.99.

I also picked up the famous Aldi nourishing anti-wrinkle night cream as I've nearly finished my current moisturizer and there's been so many good reviews for this cream I thought I might as well give it a try. I will post a review once I've tried it out properly :)

Over the years I've used some really good supermarket own brand beauty products (like the Aldi handcream) but for some reason I just never think of it as a place to pick up toiletries.

Have you been impressed with any supermarket beauty purchases?


  1. I nearly bought some slippers like that.. my feet are so cold at the moment. :( Hope yours are nice and snuggly warm in them!
    Emma :)x

  2. ive got both the aldi night & day cream and there really good products, especially for the bargain price!! I first heard about them on GMTV :) so thought give it ago!!

    hope you like them!


    Cute slippers btw x

  3. cute slippers! and i really want to try the aldi cream :)


  4. I want cute slippers like that!
    I'm dying to try those creams, but I don't live near an Aldi :/

  5. Those slippers look so cute and snuggly. i keep meaning to look for these creams at my local aldi - thank you for reminding me hehe! xo

  6. Emma-Aww, you should go back and get those slippers or go shopping for another pair of warm slippers :) x

  7. Sugar&Spice- Thanks lovely, really looking forward to trying it out. I've brought some nice stuff from Aldi before so hopefully this one will be just as good x

  8. Rosa Adores- Thanks. You should try it, can't go wrong for less than £2 :) x

  9. Abbie- I think Primark has some similar slippers. Aldi definitely need more stores! There isn't one near me at uni but I could pick one up and post it to you next time I go home if you want x

  10. jennie- Glad the post was useful, let me know how you get on with it x

  11. haha I love aldi! but you never leave with wat you planned, there's always something extra added in your bag! they look so warm! :D

  12. Em- Thats the great thing about Aldi, you never know what goodies you might find in store x


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