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Whilst out shopping I spotted this modern entertaining receipe book in Whsmith for the bargain price of £5. It has a colour photo of every dish and its split into the different dining occasions (eg. picnics and formal dinner parties) and each occasion has several menu options.

Although its supposed to be for entaining the dishes are all fairly easy and they don't require a long list of ingredients. I can definitely see myself cooking most of the dishes for lunch or dinner, would definitely recommend if you enjoy food and cooking.

I also quickly popped into the poundshop for some washing up gloves (very glamorous) but whilst trying to find the gloves I came across Coleen's real style. I've really started to get into clothes and fashion so I thought I might as well give it a read, especially as its only £1! I'll do a review once I've had a chance to sit down and read the whole book.

Have you brought any books recently?


  1. I have coleens real style but paid alot more than a pound for it haha! XO

  2. I have Coleens book too just bought it lol it cost me £3 haha

  3. I was going to buy Coleens book the other day, it wasn't in poundland it was in a clearance shop at £2. I had it in my hand and everything but chose something else! ahhh temptered to get it !!

  4. NO WAY! Ur so lucky for getting it for a pound! this isn't fair. I love the book- but I like Coleen a lot so I think thats why

  5. Oooo.... coleens real style for a quid!!! wow.. I wanna go to your pound shop haha.


  6. hannahbabeyxo- What did you think of the book? x

  7. Alice- I think you should get back and get :)

  8. steph0188- You should check poundland or discount book shops, I've seen it in quite a few x

  9. Jo- Hopefully your local one will have it in store x


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