Cosmetics a la carte

This was one of the brands at the Chalk PR event, but I had to leave early and didn't get a chance to have a look at their products. However the PR company arranged for me to visit their shop in Knightsbridge, so I could find out more about the brand.

Cosmetics a la Carte was founded 35 years ago and one of their main focuses is on made to measure make up. Like Prescriptives (who are no longer around) they offer custom blend foundations (£45, or £35 for a re-order) as well as colour creations, which gives you the chance to re-create a discontinued lip colour or eyeshadow, although at £200 it really is an expensive luxury!

The boutique had a very pretty and sophisicated atmosphere with plenty of testers on display. I do find make up counters and boutiques intimidating as shop assistants can watch your every move and this was no exception but luckily the staff there were nice and I was able to browse without being followed around!

I was treated to a make up MOT with the make up artist, who spent some time finding out about my make up habits and likes before suggesting some products and doing a make over. I'm a big fan of radiant but non shiny skin and simple everyday eye make up so she recommended the sheer tint foundation and showed me how to create a simple look using 2 eyeshadows:

Rose dew primer
Sheer tint foundation
Secret light concealer
Gold and dark brown eyeshadows
Mascara (not in photo)
Papaya cheek ice blusher
Lip glass lipgloss

The product that impressed me the most was the foundation and I was kindly given a sample at the end, which I will review once I've had a chance to test it out properly.

Have you tried anything from this brand?


  1. What a gorgeous looking boutique! I would love to shop in a store that looked like that.

  2. I have some products by these guys, amnd am formulating a review.. Great to see pictures of the store though! :) x

  3. I've got a blush by them which I love :)

  4. I go browsing in there sometimes (it's just behind my house!) and I like the look of the foundations but they are a bit on the pricey side.

  5. Beautygirl24- It was so pretty inside, definitely made shopping a nicer experience! x

    Computergirl- Glad the post was useful, looking forward to reading your reviews x

    Louise- Cool, which blush is it? x

    Random London girl- You live in knightsbridge? Wow your flat must be amazing! The foundations are pricey but will let you know how I get on with the sheer tint x

  6. Gosh I didn't even realise that Prescriptives has discontinued. I am so behind the times!! I have a lovely pallette from there with a gorgeous highlighter in. What a shame, although the place that you went to looks great. xx

  7. CinderellaGirl- Prescriptives was discontinued sometime last year, such a shame x


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