A Chanel lookalike

The real Chanel J12 (image from Google)

Just before Christmas I decided to buy a watch as it was silly to keep fishing around in my bag for my phone just to see what the time was.

As usual I was really indecisive and couldn't decide which one to get. I was originally going to buy a boyfriend style Guess one but it was just too big for my small wrists, plus at £150 it wasn't cheap.

Whilst browsing the Argos catalogue I came across this Sekonda one that is almost an exact copy of the Chanel J12 watch I'd seen in stores. Initially I wasn't too sure about the white plastic strap but its much nicer in person than in pictures and it doesn't look at all cheap or tacky. I've since found several blogposts mentioning this watch so its quite a hit with beauty bloggers.

The watch retails at barginous £19.99 from Argos and comes in black and white designs. Its also currently buy one get one half price but I didn't think I'd ever wear the black one so just got this one.

The only downside is that you can't get the straps adjusted in store, it needs to be sent back to the manufacturers which is a pain. I've not had mine done yet so can't say how long it would take. Despite this I love the watch and it'll certainly keep me happy until I can afford some real Chanel.

ETA. I took it to another branch, and it turns out you can get them adjusted, it just depends on the store.


  1. looks fab huni who needs chanel lol

  2. What a deal!

    I purchased myself a chanelesque watch not too long ago as well, from Michael Kors.

    Juicygirl is right, who needs Chanel? :)

    -Jess Mai

  3. what a fab deal !
    toywatch also makes kinda same copies of these watches :D

  4. Juicygirl- Couldn't agree more, especially at this price! x

    Jessica Mai- I'm very jealous, Michael Kors does some lovely watches x

  5. Michelle- Indeed, can't wait to get the strap adjusted so I can wear it x

    Em- Thanks lovely x

  6. It looks great! I love the J12 as well.

  7. Randomlondongreat- Its gorgeous isn't it, one day when we're rich consultants we can get the real thing! x

  8. It's so pretty! Will have to look for this.

    It looks like it has the same strap as my Oasis watch - I got it adjusted at a local watch shop. Might be worth a look? Better an hour waiting around than having to send it off :) xo

  9. Cinny Loves- Thanks for the heads up, might be worth a try, was it expensive to get them adjusted? x

  10. I am soooo going to buy this with the argos vouchers i'll get for trading my phone in :D hehe. Great find lovely! xx

  11. Abbzzw- Thanks lovely, you should definitely get it, its gorgeous! x

  12. great bargain, does look quite plasticy.

  13. Wow! Those are super similar! Great find.


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