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I was invited to the Maxfactor lash lounge with Caroline Barnes (make up artist to Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole) last Saturday to promote their newest product- Lash extension effect mascara.

Lash extension effect mascara is designed to define, separate and elongate your lashes and it has a specially designed tampered wand to help achieve this. It is their longest brush yet and it is designed so that the middle lashes will be covered by the length of the wand and the tip of the brush used for the corner eyelashes. The liquid formula contains real nylon lash extension fibres for that lengthening effect.

Caroline demonstrated this mascara on the model and then compared it to the false lash effect mascara so we could see the difference. I always thought mascaras were quite gimmicky as I never notice much of a difference, however comparing them eye to eye you could definitely see the different effects they had.

Caroline applying the mascara on me (thanks to Natalie for the photo)

I have short straight lashes and the mascara definitely helped to lengthen my lashes. The way Caroline applied it make my eyes stand out more, however it still looked better on the model who had nicer lashes to start off with. One thing that impresses me though is how smudge free Maxfactor mascaras are on me compared to other brands.

At the end of the session we were given a goodie bag containing both the false lash and the lash extension mascaras to try out. I've been using the false lash mascara for the last few month so it will be interesting to see how the lash extension one compares when I apply it myself.

The beauty bloggers

We also had the opportunity to get our eyebrows threaded at Topshop but I'd just plucked mine the day before so me, Muhsine and Lina decided to check out the Marc Jacobs store instead (check out my blogpost here).

All in all it was an interesting event and it was really nice to meet other beauty bloggers and Caroline Barnes who were all absoutely lovely.

I also picked up several tips which are:

- Always apply mascara to the bottom eyelashes to help open up the eyes and do this before the top ones to avoid getting mascara dots on your eyelid.

- For the bottom eyelashes run the tip of the wand over the lashes then comb through to separate and define.

- For the top lashes, use the length of the brush for the middle lashes then use the tip of the brush for the corner ones, pulling in an outward direction to help them stand out more.

For a better explanation and demonstration of this check out this youtube video here.


  1. That sounds so fun! You must have had a great time xx

  2. lucky you! i will definitely be checking out that mascara - max factor is my favourite mascara brand

  3. wow your so lucky! looks like you ahd a fab time x

    Don’t forget to check out my valentine’s giveaway!

  4. Princesa Livia- It was great to meet Caroline Barnes and see the mascaras applied by a pro, I was definitely a little starstruck! x

    AH- Hope you like the mascara x

    Missy- It was great fun, great giveaway btw x


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