Urban decay razor sharp ultra definition finishing powder

Face powder is one of my must have products, but I find it quite stressful getting colour matched, so after reading online reviews and talking to Helen, I decided to get Urban Decay razor sharp high definition finishing powder:

The first thing to talk about is the packaging. As you can see in the photo above, it comes with a huge sponge, which is near impossible to use, as it is too big and unhygenic! Having read Helen's post, I decided to open the case and dip my brush straight in then use another lid to buff the powder into my brush before applying to my face.

The powder is nude coloured, but it applies competely translucent to the skin. It won't give you any coverage, but it does a great job of absorbing oil, smoothing over pores and giving a flawless finish to the skin.

(L side- sprinkled on, R side- blended in)

My T-zone gets shiny throughout the day, but I hate the super matte look you get with a lot of powders, and this one is perfect for me, as it absorbs the oil but still allows the natural radiance of my skin to shine through. I do need to top up throughout the day, but no matter how much I apply, the powder doesn't ever look cakey or flat.

It retails at £17.50 which is expensive for a powder, but you do get 12g of product and it is one of the best powders I've tried, I just wish it was packaged slightly differently!

Have you tried this product? What do you use to keep your skin matte during the day?


  1. It looks lovely! I use the Bourjois one - it's really nice :) xxx

  2. Ellie- Thanks, I'll keep Bourjois in mind when I finsh this one x

  3. I love the way the powder looks inside the pot... so fluffy like icing sugar!

    Yep it's a brilliant HD powder... I wish someone would bring out an HD powder with coverage though... that would be perfect!

  4. Beauty Scribbler- It feels a bit like icing sugar as well, the powder is so fine and smooth! I'm sure it's only a matter of time, HD seems to be the new thing in make up atm xc

  5. Wow that is a massive sponge!
    I tend to use MAC Blot Powder when I can be bothered to get rid of shine ;)

  6. it looks super nice. but 17.5 is, indeed, a bit much for a powder :-<

  7. It is amazing and it's really cheap for a product of such quality. :)

  8. I use MAC Prep and Prime powder which I think costs about the same but you don't get as much. I paid a bit less in NY and it seems like it's going to last for ages so I'm happy with it.

  9. Shortiee31- Yep, glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! I was thinking of getting that, but this one won in the end as I didn't have to get colour matched x

    birminghamlady- It is expensive, but I think its worth it x

    Hannah- Glad you like it x

    Becky- That's good, everything must seem such a bargain in the US compared to here x

  10. this product looks awesome :)
    thanks for sharing.

  11. I am using MACs prep & prime powder too at the moment and its great. This looks equally as good but as you said the packaging and not much of a price difference hasn't quite swayed me to try this one out. I would suggest tipping out all the powder into an old empty powder sifting container. I see how I could reuse packaging especialy ones like that before I bin it.

    Ty for sharing. KK x

  12. ipehishere - You're welcome x

    Kei Kei- MAC prep and prime sounds really nice, may have to look into it when this one runs out. I think I've got an old container lying around, so might try your suggestion this weekend, am just worried that the powder will go everywhere! x


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