Hydrating face masks

For the last few years, as soon as the weather gets colder, my skin starts to feel more sensitive and dehydrated and I always find myself buying a thicker moisturizer and using hydrating face masks to try and restore the moisture the levels in my skin:

Boots Botanics quenching face mask
I would describe this as a runny cream with a very subtle rubbery/herbal scent. Because of the runny texture, it's prone to dripping, so I usually squeeze a dollop onto my hand, then apply to my face.

Whenever I use this, I get a slight burning sensation, but there is never any redness or irritation.You are advised to leave this on for 5-10 minutes, but I've often left it on for much longer and it doesn't cause any adverse effects. I find the drier my skin is, the more the mask gets absorbed, and it can be left on overnight for a really intense treatment.

The mask washes off fairly easily without leaving a residue, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised with a natural radiance to it.

Biotherm hydra-detox mask
This is more of a creamy lotion , which I find very easy to apply and it has more of a fresh floral scent. Unlike the Botanics mask, there is no irritation at all- in fact it feels nice and soothing on my skin.

The mask is meant to be left on for 10 minutes, but again you can leave it on for longer to really hydrate the skin. After 10 minutes, it washes off easily without leaving any residue and it always leaves my skin feeling deep cleansed yet super moisturized and radiant!

Neither of the masks are a miracle cure, but they do make a lovely treat for dry skin. At less than £5, the Botanics mask is definitely the more affordable of the 2, but because of the burning sensation, I wouldn't repurchase when I run out. The Biotherm mask on the other hand, I would happily repurchase for as long as its available in the shops.

Does your skin suffer during the winter? What are your favourite hydrating treats for dry skin?


  1. I have that Botanics mask. I hardly ever use facemasks though as I never feel like I have the time to apply them. I really need to start making more effort with my skin now that the weather's getting colder - adjusting to the cold and central heating has made my skin and lips so horribly dry. x

  2. LilyLipstick- Same, I used to do them every week as a teenager but now I only use one every few months. Definitely start using them again, it really helps with the dryness x

  3. Ilove botanics they have some AWESOME products, you have to try their make up remover its great as well./...xoxo

  4. I need a good hydrating face mask as my skin is always super dry, but Biotherm is too pricey for my budget, and I don't have any Boots where I live 0=

  5. I love Botanics but never used their masks before. For face masks the Bodyshop is amazing, I always seem to depend on them for that and their Vitamin E range. So I have a few reviews from Botanics and Bodyshop if you are interested. x

  6. Botanics are brilliant :)

  7. my skin is already dry and in the winter it's just unbelievably dry. I might need to get that botanics mask! x

  8. Glam and Glitter - Thanks for the recommendation, I brought it a few weeks ago after reading all the positive reviews, and now just waiting to finish my current eye make up remover before I start using it x

    Gaby ☠- Have a look in your local supermarket/chemist, they should have a few to choose from x

    Kei Kei- Thanks for the recommendation, I love vitamin E skincare products so will definitely have a look when my Botanics one runs out x

    Ellie- Glad you like the brand x

    sidobelei' beauty x3 - Hope you like it if you decide to get it x

  9. Great post! I LOVE face masks and looking for new ones all the time! ;) xx

  10. City Girl (EC1)- Thanks, glad it was useful x

  11. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3


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