September favourites

Can you believe it's October already? This year's gone by so quickly and before we'll know it it'll be Christmas time! September was quite a busy month for me as I had uni placements and I was regularly going home to practice my driving, but hopefully October will be less hectic and I'll have more time to blog.

My favourites this month are:

The body shop soft hands kind heart hand cream

I'm quite OCD when it comes to washing my hands so hand cream is essential, and this mini tube is the perfect size for my handbag. The gel cream formula isn't at all greasy and it always leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized.

Johnson's radiance body lotion

During the winter months my skin tends to get drier than normal but this has really helped to keep it soft and smooth. Its a lovely creamy formula and sinks in very quickly after application. The scent reminds me of chocolate ice cream, which I find a little strong to use all over, but it makes a great moisturizer for my legs.

Pantene aqua light shampoo

Out of all my shampoos this is by far my favourite. It smells really nice and fresh, lathers up well and rinses away easily. This still has silicons in it, but because it rinses away easily, it doesn't weigh down my hair or make it greasy, plus it leaves my hair nicely nourished and shiny.

Boss orange celebration of happiness perfume

A creamy yet spicy vanilla perfume that smells absoutely gorgeous and completely unique to all the other perfumes I've tried. Despite being an EDT it lasts well throughout the day and it's versatile enough to be worn during the day or for a night out.

MAC springsheen blush

This is more of a forgotten favourite as I used to love this product. Its a gorgeous peachy pink colour with lots of shimmer particles and it gives a natural pop of colour to my cheeks which really helps to brighten up my face.

L'oreal renewal lash serum

Since I've started using this, my lashes are much more even in length and look more voluminous than before. I've noticed that less lashes are falling out and despite the funny shaped wand, its actually very easy to apply, plus I can away with applying it every few days and still see the benefits.

What were your favourite products for September?


  1. Nice favorites! :) I have the shower cream from the same Johnson's line, it's fab! ;)

  2. Stavroula- Thank you, glad you like the line as well x

  3. ohh thanks for the tip on the L'oreal renewal lash serum will be looking out for that. xox

  4. Steph xox - You're welcome, hope you like it x

  5. Great set of favourites. I have a mini sample of that shampoo. Can't wait to try it now! :) x

  6. Great favourites I have 2 of the above! Im currently using the L'Oreal lash serum & also have Springsheen and LOVE it!
    As for handcream I love BS Hemp hand cream!

  7. please do a review on the loreal lash renew serum id love to see what you think. thanks.

    xoxo stay fabulous

  8. Olivia- Thank you, I hope you like it x

    Sherrie- How are you getting on with the lash serum? I love the hemp hand cream as well, it's the perfect moisturizer for my hands x

    Amelia- I did a review about a month ago if you want to have a read x

  9. I've been using a few samples I had of aqua light on holiday and it's great for making your hair feel light and shiny. I love the L'Oreal lash serum too but I don't have the memory to apply it consistently!

  10. Kat O - Glad you like it as well. I find you can get away with applying it every few days and still get good results x

  11. Well I have been using it for 2wks now and tbh I havent seen a vast difference but I know its early days. Im really wanting it to work because my lashes on my left eye arent as long and want them longer and fuller! fingers crossed! x

  12. Great post!
    I love The Bosy Shop hand cream too:)

  13. Sherrie - Give it a bit more time, hopefully in a month or so you'll notice a real difference x

    Supergirl- Thank you, glad you like the hand cream too x

  14. Lovely favourites! Springsheen looks amazing! xo

  15. jennie- Thank you, Springsheen is such a gorgeous blusher x


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