A couple of new bracelets and a bag

I think bracelets are such an easy way to accessorize an outfit, and whilst out shopping, I couldn't resist buying a few more from H+M.

How pretty is the floral bangle? The whole set cost £5.99 and it comes in 2 different sizes, which is good for me as they're usually too big and fall off.

These bracelets are made from fabric so are super comfy to wear, plus they're only £1.99 each so I got all 3 colours.

Primark has been quite disappointing recently, but on the way to the returns desk, I spotted this grey bag, which looks a lot more expensive than its £7 price tag! At the moment it looks really smart, but I'll probably get a bag charm to make it a bit more girly and fun :)

What have you brought recently?


  1. LOVE those cute rope bracelets with the dinky charms so sweet! Think I need to pick up the blue one ;) x

  2. Prettty!
    I need them fabric bracelets!!

  3. Sherrie - Glad you like them, its more of a dark green in real life but my camera refuses to pick up the true colour! x

    Ditzymakeup- Haha I thought the same thing when I saw them in store x

  4. I love the fabric bracelets. I like to mix them up with the chunky bracelets. I will definitely be popping to H&M for these =) Where do you get your bag charms from? My black back is in desperate need of one! xx

  5. Pyxiee- I haven't found one yet, but Accessorize usually have some nice ones, and cloth shops sometimes have them in the jewellery section x

  6. That bag looks gorgeous! :) x

  7. neekeexoxo- Glad you like it, I can't believe how cheap it was! x

    Louise- Glad you like them x

  8. the bags lovely bargain or wat n u cnt even tell its primani (as i like to call it) lol

  9. I have that bag! I literally use it everday it's pretty amazing! lol xx

  10. Amina - Lol its definitely a bargain, I love it when you find something in Primark that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is x

    Olivia- Its lovely isn't it, definitely a Primark bargain! x


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