A few of my recent favourites

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, I had a week off uni and I was in Birmingham, so most of my time was spent catching up on sleep and practicing for my driving test. However I'm pleased to say that I passed, and I'm back in London now so there should be more time for blogging.

I thought I'd post today about some of my current favourite products:

This last few months I've become a lot more obsessed with perfumes and currently I'm loving Boss orange, Lacoste joy of pink and Armani Diamonds (not pictured).

A'kin mandarin shampoo
When I first tried this, I was super impressed with how gentle it was and I'm glad to say that with time, it's definitely improved the condition of my scalp. I forgot to pack this when I went back home and using a normal shampoo made my scalp go itchy straight away, so SLS free shampoos are definitely the way forward for me.

Inika lip whip in Berry
I would describe this as more of a tinted lipbalm than a lipgloss. It gives a very subtle hint of colour and glossiness to the lips, but it's so moisturizing and it's been my go to lip product since I was given it a few weeks ago.

Superdrug tea tree oil
A great natural treatment for spots. If I apply it early enough it can help to prevent the spot from ever appearing and even if I apply it after the spot appears, it really helps to calm down the redness and reduce the size. Unfortunately the label isn't as good as the product inside!

Cosmetics a la carte eyelash curlers
I've been using curlers for years but it wasn't until this pair that I finally understood why make up artists always recommend them. It curls my eyelashes so quickly and really helps to open up my eyes and give the appearance of bigger eyes.

What are your favourite products at the moment? Let me know if there are any SLS free shampoos that you'd recommend.


  1. Everyone has to own a pair of eyelash curlers, a glamour must. x

  2. Hannah- I totally agree, its an essential tool for any make up kit! x

  3. I always have tea tree oil on hand! It's a lifesaver! Congrats about passing your driving test :) I would be lost not being able to drive! xx

  4. SparklesandLipgloss - Glad you like it too. Thank you, it's been such a hassle so I was so relieved when the examiner told me I'd passed! x

  5. The Inika lip whip looks lovely! x

  6. I would say my eyelash curlers, Vaseline cocoa butter and my st Ives face scrub! I can't be without these at the moment

  7. Oooo Another SLS free shampoo/conditioner I forgot to tell you about is the Nutrideep one. It's a bit difficult to find but you can buy it online. This is my absolute favourite as it really honestly sorts out my strawlike ends. The naturtint hair dye from the same company is also amazing!

  8. KawaiiFreakxXx- It really is, I'll do a full review and swatches soon x

    Kirsty T- They all sound perfect for the cold winter weather, especially the body butter! x

    Hell Candy Make Up - Ooh thanks, I'm going to give Liz Earle a try but am definitey going to find out more about Nutrideep x

  9. I swear by tea tree =) and Boss Orange is my now favourite perfume (big thanks to Boots offer of the week for this!!) xx

  10. Pyxiee- Tea tree is great isn't it. That was such a good offer, I'm really annoyed with myself for buying the perfume earlier! x

  11. The Inika lip whip sounds like my sort of lip product. I have super dry lips so I might look into this. Thanks! x

  12. Kei Kei- You're welcome. I will be doing a full review and swatches soon if you want more info x


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