Carmex cherry lipbalm - A handbag must have!

Every now and then I use a product that is so good I wonder why I ever stopped using it in the first place and Carmex cherry lipbalm definitely fits into that category!

I love my tub of Vaseline, but this week my lips have been so dry that I needed something more and this has done a great job of moisturizing them.

The consistency is a little thicker than vaseline ( and on a very cold day you may need to warm it up with your fingers first) but the advantage is that it clings better to the lips and doesn't wear off as easily. Because of this it goes a great job of protecting my lips against the harsh winter elements.

The lipbalm gives a lovely sheen to the lips and since I've started re-using it, the condition of my lips have improved greatly and they are not nearly as dry, plus it smells exactly like a bag of sour sweets (my favourite), so a definite handbag must have for me!

Are you a fan of Carmex? Has anyone tried the strawberry version?


  1. certified carmex lover all day every day! i always get myself like 5 when i go to the US cos theyre only $1 there!. <3 addicted lol
    i prefer the cherry flavour to the strawberry one though, but thats just me :)

  2. Cotton- That is such a bargain! I'm really curious about the strawberry but have yet to see it in store x

  3. i havent tried this but i would like to, i'm currently using body shop pink grapefruit balm it smell sooo yummy :)

  4. I'm about to run out of my lip balm and now I definitely want to look for the strawberry lips ALWAYS get so dry during the winter time!

  5. charmed-chick - I'd definitely recommend it, the grapefruit lip balm sounds lovely as well x

    Royan24 - Hope you find it in stores x

  6. They come in squeezy tubes (you can get them from boots) & they're great!! I've got the strawberry one of that!!

    - Kaushal xx

  7. Hey! Carmex is way cheaper in US. I only tried original version here.

  8. Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled- I'll have to give them a go when I finish this one x

    TheScienceBeautiful- So jealous that you guys get so many products cheaper in the US x

  9. Theres a strawberry version? OOO. I have the same cherry carmex. I've had it for ages and its lasted so long. Its not even halfway. I love the smell as well. Yum.

  10. I feel that way about Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.

  11. I definitely have to try this! And strawberry... hmmmmmmm ^^

  12. HeyMookie! - Yep, I think the strawberry one came out quite recently in the tube form. Glad I'm not the only one that loves the smell of the cherry one! x

    Ms Givens- Cool, glad you've found a good lipbalm x

    Gaby- You should, this one is absoutely lovely x


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