New Look purchases and Forever 21 photos

A few days ago I picked up a New Look 20% off voucher, and as I didn't have any plans today I decided to hit the shops for some retail therapy:

I love that this dress is smart enough to be worn for formal occasions, but can also be accessorized and dressed down for parties, plus it came to a barginous £18.49 after discount (£22.99 originally)

During the year I really went off UGGs but now that the weather's colder, I'm seriously lusting after a pair! I'm hoping to get one using a discount code soon, but at £13.59 (£16.99 originally) these will keep my feet snug until then.

As I'm in Birmingham this weekend, I had to pop into the newly opened Forever 21 store in the Bullring. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to buy anything but I did spot a few pieces that I plan to go back and try on.

The store was quite spacious and the most of the clothes were neatly hung on rails for easy browsing. You could tell they'd put a lot of thought into the decor and each of the 3 floors had it's own theme.

(one of the jewellery stands)

Style wise, it's very similar to the likes of New Look, River Island, Miss Selfridges, Topshop etc but luckily a lot better priced, and as most items retail around the £20 mark and I'm sure it'll be a popular addition to the Bullring!

Are you a fan of Ugg boots? Will you be shopping at the newly opened Forever21 store/online?


  1. The F21 shop looks ace, thanks for sharing :)Can't wait to take a trip there xx

  2. Love Uggs :)! There too comfy not to wear haha!

    I have looked on the forver 21 website but haven't seen anything I fancy yet! I would love to go down and check out the store though! Sounds like its pretty big!! - I'm having a giveaway on my blog :)


  3. i cant WAIT to get to go to F21 ... your pictures look fab!

  4. Steph0188- You're welcome, glad the post was helpful x

    Katie - Totally agree, UGGs have become a winter essential! You should, it's always nicer to see the clothes in person x

    Stacey- Thank you, you should definitely come visit! x

  5. i am definatly going to pop in when im next in birmingham so glad it close to where i live :)

  6. charmed-chick- That's good, have to say I was surprised when they choose to open in in Bham instead of London but it's good for everyone that lives in the Midlands! x

  7. Love the dress, very cute. I love Forever 21, hope they open one further up north soon x

  8. Lauren Loves... - thank you, it's not my usual style but was too pretty to resist. If they do well I'm sure its only a matter of time before they open more stores x

  9. The new F21 looks absolutely amazing but I'm nowhere near it unfortunately :(.


  10. Dreams That Glitter xoxo- That's a shame, hopefully they'll open a few more stores in the UK x

  11. I liked new F21 GIRL..

    First time on your blog

    please do check out mine

  12. Bullring at the weekend you're brave! That dress is really cute. Is it white stitching on it or is little beads?

  13. Hiya!

    Love your blog, It's great to see a fellow English beauty blogger doing so well <3

    I would love it if you could check out & fellow my blog, I'm new to the blogging world & need all the help I can get!


  14. anamika- glad you like the store x

    Skin Scrubs- Haha it was manic as usual, but it was the only day I could get a lift in and I had nothing else to do lol x

    x Beauty Geek x - Thank you x


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