Boots Botanics soothing eye make up remover review

When it comes to eye make up removers I always go for an oil based one as I feel they do a better job of removing make up and after reading lots of positive reviews, I decided to give this Botanics one a try:

Like my favourite No7 eye make up remover, it's a two phase product that you shake before using, however the bottle isn't the best for this. By the time I've unscrewed the lid, the mixed product has started to separate, a pump bottle would be so much better!

However I can't fault the actual eye make up remover. I simply apply some to a cotton pad, then hold over my lashes for about a minute and it quickly removes all traces of eyeshadow and mascara without any need for rubbing.

Considering it's oil based, it doesn't feel greasy on the skin and any residue can be easily removed by pressing a tissue over the eye area.

All in all, it's a great eye make up remover and at £2.99 it comes at a bargain price, I just wish it came with a pump instead of a screw lid!

Have you tried this eye make up remover? What to you use to remove your eye make up at night?


  1. I've been using this eye makeup remover for months now and its my favorite out of the ones i have tried. Dont thing i will ever change from it :) x

  2. I'm alternating between this and the No7 one. :)

    The No7 pump is handy. I only have about a third of the Botanics one left but due to it separating so easily, I've used much more of one layer than the other!

    I'd go for No7 when I have a £5 off voucher due to the better packaging.

  3. Sounds good. I'm using Boots Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel and I adore it, it does a fab job and feels really refreshing :)

  4. Favourite eye make up remove ever, ever, ever! So cheap too! And don't you just love the fact it has Icelandic Moss in it? Makes it sound very exotic, haha.


  5. I have never tried this, just bought a new one as well!!

    going to boots this weekend so will stick it on my list otherwise i will forget lol

  6. I've just bought my second bottle of this today even though I was going to try others. Product definitely amazing for the effectiveness and and price. I do agree I wish they'd spend a little on better packaging. I find the lid a bit flimsy if I'm trying to screw it back on quickly

  7. This is such a good product for its price. I love Botanics. Especially their toners and my current HG eye cream by them. Such a great brand, this reminded me I have run out and need to get a bottle! x

  8. Laura- Glad you like it as well, it's definitely one of my favourite ones from the high street x

    Catriona - I never manage to use up both layers equally, think I'll probably alternate between the 2 as well x

    LibraKitten - The cucumber eye make up remover sounds lovely x

  9. Dreams That Glitter xoxo- It certainly sounds very excotic. I like that Botanics list the natural ingredients it contains, even if it is only a small amount x

    Steph xox - Definitely give it a go, especially as there's usually an offer on Botanics skincare x

    Wing - Glad I'm not the only one that thinks so. I know what you mean about the lid, its not the easiest thing to put on in a rush x

    Kei Kei- I'm tempted to try their rose toner when my Liz Earle one runs out. Glad this post reminded you to get a new bottle x


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