Top beauty discoveries of 2010

As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be a good time to look back on the last 12months and post about my favourite new discoveries of 2010:

Maxfactor Xperience volumising mascara
A truely lightweight mascara that lengthens and defines lashes, without weighing them down, clumping or smudging. By far the best mascara I've tried this year!

Hot cloth cleansers
I'm a big fan of No 7 radiance cleanser and the infamous Liz Earle Cleanse and polish. The creamy cleanser does a great job of removing make up and the cloth gently exfoliates, which removes more make up and leaves my skin soft and smooth, ready for moisturiser.

Liz Earle skin tonic
I always thought toners were an expensive alternative to water but Skin tonic smells so nice, removes any last traces of make up and lightly hydrates my skin- a definite repurchase for 2011!

SLS free shampoo
Since I've switched to SLS free shampoos, my scalp no longer gets itchy and my hair feels much healthier. I highly recommend A'kin Mandarin and Fragrance free shampoo, both of which foam up well, rinses away easily and leaves my hair clean and shiny.

Sleek contour kit highlighter
I used to avoid anything glittery for fear of looking like a disco-ball, but a dab of highlighter on the cheeks is the easiest way to brighten up the complexion, and gives a gorgeous lit from within glow to the cheeks.

E-one hair removal
The treatment was quite painful, but with regular use I was almost hairfree on my underarms. I only did 3 sessions (they recommend 10) so a few weeks after the last session, the hair did start to grow back. However even if the results aren't permanent, a session every 4-6 weeks is a lot easier than shaving daily, and if I had the money I would definitely invest in an IPL machine.

Honourable mentions- Pantene aqua light conditioner, Barry M dusky mauve nail paint, Lancome teint miracle foundation, ELF studio brushes, Urban Decay razor sharp finishing powder and Forest secrets skincare serum and oil.

What new products did you discover in 2010?


  1. I discovered the Sleek Contour Kit too although I think it made me break out so I had to stop using it - such a shame as it's a great product. My favourite new product in 2010 was Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara and the Phillips Lumea which sounds similiar to the E-one. x

  2. LilyLipstick - It's a shame the contour kit made you break out. Both the mascara and the Philips Lumea sound really good! 2010 seems to be the year of IPL machines lol x

  3. I've got that No 7 cleanser but find the smell a bit artificial and strong, particularly in comparison to the Liz Earle original that we all know and love. Would definitely like to try that mascara! xx

  4. La- I know what you mean, it's got a rubbery scent, although I think my nose has gotten used to it as I haven't noticed it recently. Definitely give that mascara a go, I love how easy it is to apply and how weightless it feels on the lashes x

  5. I love the Liz Earle product.. i use it everyday! Liz Earle is my brand of the year! The exfoliator is brilliant too!

  6. I discovered the Korres shampoo!It's SLS free and my hair have started behaving!And if I combine it with Argan oil, they look amazing!
    Also I discovered the Crazy Rumors lip balms.I think I'm in love with them!
    I'll check your faves out!
    Have a happy new year!

  7. Paula - Earle Earle's fast becoming a favourite for me as well, I've yet to try a product that disappoints! x

    Ria - Happy new year! I had no idea Korres shampoos are SLS free, I have a bottle sitting in my bathroom so will have to give it another try, thanks! Will have to look up crazy rumours lip balms, they sound pretty fun x

  8. I love the Liz Earle toner. It's so refreshing :).


  9. Dreams That Glitter xoxo- It's great isn't it x

  10. I've never tried the Akin range, will definitely have to check them out at some point.

    Am still compiling my list of 2010 products! So many areas to cover!

  11. Hell Candy Make Up - I'd highly recommend their shampoos, shower gel and face spray, avoid their gel face wash though!

    Good luck with your list, it's so hard choosing from all the fab products out there x

  12. i looooooove SLS free shampoos
    been using dr organic olive oil shampoo, got it from holland and barrat, they also do akin, have got a sale on all akin stuff too
    great blog, and rly good reviews !

  13. Martha kitten Graham - Thank you and thanks for the heads up as well. I love Akin products so going to have a browse now x


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