Top 3 products of the week

It's been a while since I've done a favourite post, so I thought I'd write about 3 new favourites today:

Bumble and bumble quenching masque
I love deep conditioning my hair, and this creamy fruity scented masque works a treat! It always leaves my hair completely detangled and feeling so soft and silky, right up to my next wash!

I've got loads of split ends at the moment, but whenever I use this, it feels as smooth as if I'd just had a haircut, plus it rinses away easily so my fine hair doesn't get weighed down.

Purity facial exfoliator
This has been a great natural addition to my skincare routine. The coconut shells are finely ground, so you can feel it working on your skin, but all the beads are nice and rounded, so it's not at all scratchy or harsh.

It also contains coconut oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera although rather disappointingly the scent doesn't come through when you use it.

Like all exfoliators it leaves my skin smoother and brighter, but what I like most about it is how creamy and gently it is on my skin.

Yankee midnight jasmine candle
This is my first Yankee candle, but I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a new addiction!

The natural sweet and floral scent makes me feel like I'm standing in a field in flowers and although not a very Wintery scent, it somehow manages to 'warm' up the entire room and give it a lovely homely feel.

I'd love to try more Yankee candles, so please let me know what your favourite scents are :)

Are you a fan of scented candles? Which products have you been loving this week?


  1. My all time favourite Yankee scent is Candy Corn, it's only really available at Hallowe'en time though, however it's still online a lot of places. I loooooooove it! x

  2. My all time favourite Yankee Candle fragrance is Lemon Lavender- it's a fruity, fresh smell.

    I also love Mandarin Cranberry but for this time of year it has to be Christmas Cookie- yum!

  3. I am in LOVE with the Bumble & Bumble hair products! LOVE everything I've tried so far :)

  4. communicatingbeauty - Thanks for the recommendation, will have a look online today :) x

    L- Christmas cookie sounds so yummy, I'm definitely going to give it a try, thanks for the recommendations x

    Hell Candy Make Up- Glad you like the products as well, they certainly deserve the reputation they've build up for themselves! x

  5. That hair mask sounds lovely.
    I've been loving anything lipbalm-related this week, my lips have been getting so dry in the cold weather so I've become obsessed with keeping them soft so that I can actually wear my lipsticks! x

  6. LilyLipstick- Good choice, I need to start doing that, I've been slacking with lip balm recently and my lips have become really dry x


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