Alva makup organic duo eyeshadow in Gold

When it comes to eye make up, I tend to play it safe with neutral colours or glam it up with a smokey eye, so when I saw the pretty swatches of Alva eyeshadow duo in Gold on Louise's blog, I couldn't resist including one in this month's Mypure parcel.

On first impression, the product looks a bit cheap. The packaging is sturdy and secure, but the clear plastic reminds me of cheap drugstore makeup.

The actual eyeshadows are lovely. Both are finely milled, smooth and pigmented with a gorgeous shimmery finish.

I'd describe the darker colour as a rich coppery brown and the lighter shade a pretty beige colour with a subtle pink sheen.

Given the quality of the eyeshadows and the natural ingredients, I think it's reasonably priced at £11.95, but the product is somewhat let down by the packaging.

Have you tried any Alva make up? Is packaging important to you?


  1. It does unfortunately look cheap. I would expect the case to have that lovely clicking sound you get with a nice compact. Is this a European brand?

  2. Okay.. The casing does look cheap but the product seems to make up for it =) I normally don't mind bad packaging. Like who's gonna see it anyway? Unless you're a makeup artist, of course. But for things I bring out, like lip balm, foundation, lip sticks etc, a pretty packaging that will make your friends squeal is a definite plus point! ^^

  3. Hi!

    I expect the packaging to reflect the price - if the product costs 99p then of course I would expect it to look cheap. But if I pay a lot of money, I do expect a quality product and packaging.
    I think a cute design/packaging on a product helps sell it - who could resist YSL Volupte Lipsticks or Mac Villains series, for example?

  4. Skin Scrubs - According to myPure, it's a German brand. It does have a slight clicking sound, but not as firm as you'd get with some compacts x

    Isabel- I know what you mean, if a product is nice enough then I'd get it regardless of the packaging, but generally the more expensive the product, the nicer I'd expect the packaging to be x

    corsets, crafts and cupcakes- Totally agree, nice packaging is one of the biggest differences between high end and drugstore make up. The packaging of YSK volupte lipsticks are so luxurious! x

  5. the darker colour looks lovely!! looks like a typical me colour lol!


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