Carmex mint moisturising lip balm review

Like the other Carmex variants, this does a great job of moisturising and protecting my lips from the harsh winter weather (including spf15 for sun protection).

Because it comes in a tube, the consistency is a little thinner than what you'd get in the jars but it lasts just as well on the lips and gives a lovely glossy sheen.

The lipbalm has a nice peppermint scent and the mint gives the it a gentle tingly sensation, which lasts for about 10 minutes after application.

Scent wise, I still prefer the Cherry Carmex, however the squeezy tube is more practical for winter, as it means that I don't have to take off my gloves to apply lipbalm, something which my hands are very grateful for!

Have you tried any of the Carmex lipbalms? Do you prefer the tube or the jar version?


  1. I prefer the tubes, not sure I would use the Mint one though. I have tried lip products in the past which have had a mint scent to them and I did'nt get on with them. Cherry Carmex smells soooo good! I really want to try Burt Bees, have you tried their lip blams? x

  2. Sherrie- I've always been a jar girl but having tried the tubes I quite like them, especially for winter lol. Cherry Carmex is definitely the best flavour, it just smells so yummy! I've not tried any Burts Bees lipbalms, but they're meant to be very good x

  3. Yum mint! I absolutely love Carmex products so I'm going to need this. Thanks for the review. :) x

  4. I definately prefer the tubes - much easier application. I have the Cherry, Strawberry and Mint tube but my favourite and most used is definately the Cherry!

  5. In terms of lip products I always prefer tubes/sticks just because they're less messy and much more hygenic! Even vaseline have bought out sticks in all if not most of their flavours! :D xx

  6. VampiressDoll - You're welcome, hope you like it x

    Laura - Cherry seems to be their most popular flavour! I really want to try their strawberry one but have yet to find it in store x

    Miss S. - Seems I'm one of the few people that like the jars. Have you tried the vaseline sticks? x

  7. I've never tried Carmex in tube form, I've always just gone for the one in the jar. I'm definitely going to have to try this! xx

  8. I've never really considered Carmex at all, I always think Nivea if I'm wanting a lip balm. I had no idea they made tubes either, I prefer tubes to jars.
    I'm really keen to try this after reading your review :)

    Fiona x

  9. That Girl - Same, this is my first tube as well :) Hope you like it x

    Fiona- You definitely need to give Carmex a go! I'd highly recommend the Cherry one as it smells amazing x

  10. I like carmex but mint flavour hmmm not to sure.

  11. This sounds nice, I have the Cherry version in the tube which I love. I was so happy when they first started doing the tubes as I'm not a fan of pot lipbalms. x

  12. Miss LV- Lol I'm guessing you're not a fan of mint lip balms then? x

    LilyLipstick - I think I'm one of the few people that likes the pot version. I really want to try the strawberry one and I think that only comes in the tubes x


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