Product rave- Bourjois healthy mix foundation

After trying out various foundations over Christmas, I decided to purchase a bottle of Bourjois healthy mix and I have to thank everyone who recommended this, because it really is a great foundation!

RRP £9.99, available from Boots and Superdrug

The foundation comes in a lightweight plastic bottle with a pump, which is great for throwing into an overnight bag, or if you're prone to dropping things like me.

I would describe this as a buildable light to medium coverage semi-matte foundation, which leaves my skin looking extremely natural, but healthier and more even toned.

The light fluid does a great job of evening out my skintone, smoothing over pores and covering minor imperfections, but I still need a concealer for dark circles.

Another reason why I like this foundation is that it doesn't contain any SPF, I use a separate lotion anyway and it can make your face lighter in photos.

With a bit of powder and blotting, this lasts 10 - 12hours. I've not had any problems with it oxidizing and it feels weightless, even after a whole day's wear!

I found it quite difficult to choose a shade as 52 and 53 were very similar, but in the end 52 seemed to match my NC25 skintone that little bit better.

All in all, I'm really impressed with this foundation and I would definitely recommend it if you want a medium coverage everyday foundation that feels completely weightless on the skin!

Have you tried Bourjois healthy mix? What's your favourite everyday foundation?


  1. I was debating getting this as I love the concealer so much :) Thanks for the detailed review.
    Once I finish my mountain of foundation I think I will give this a go!

  2. This is the first foundation I have bought, and after trying a few (samples and other ones I have bought since), this is my favourite as well!

  3. Oh gosh it looks great on your skin,
    I must try this,

  4. My favourite foundation ever! I'm glad someone else has joined the praise! Looks gorgeous on your skin. Perfect colour match too :)

    Love Britt xxx

  5. I really want to try this! So many people rave about it, your skin looks awesome ^^

  6. that coverage looks great!! brilliant pictures x

  7. Hell Candy Make Up- You're welcome, glad the post was helpful, you should definitely give this a try. What's the concealer like for under-eye circles? x

    Ms Bubu- Glad you like it as well, it's a great foundation isn't it x

    Harrriiiet- Thank you, I hope you like it x

    Brittany Love - Thank you, I'm terrible with colour matching and it took me about a month to decide on which shade to get! Glad you like it as well x

    KawaiiFreakxXx- Thank you, it definitely deserves the good reputation it has. Hope you like it x

  8. Elizabeth- Thank you. The coverage's really buildable yet natural, hope the pictures were helpful x

  9. yea iv herd sum excellent stuff about this, shame tho as i think id need more coverage, tho something strange is happenin to me lately im wearing less and less coverage foundation, i guess im giving my skin a much deserved break from makeup -i know - shocker! lol

  10. Amina - You have great skin! you can definitely get away with less coverage and its nice to give your skin a break x

  11. Do you think this would be good for toning down redness? I really like the coverage it looks natural but clean if that makes sense?

  12. Skin Scrubs- I kind of know what you mean, it certainly gives a very natural finish. It's medium coverage, so unless the area is very red, it should help to tone it down x

  13. This is my favourite i love it!! xx

  14. I like this, I usually prefer the 8 hour sleep effect one as it is a little more fluid and the colour matches my pale skin better, but this is so good for more coverage without being too heavy x

  15. Sty-Lush_x - Glad you like it too, I've never tried the 8 hour sleep one but by the sounds of it, healthy mix is the better out of the two x

  16. One of my favourite foundation :) x


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