Forest secrets iRejuvenate face oil and skin serum review

A few months ago, I was introduced to Forest secrets, a natural range of skincare that includes a facial serum and oil, which are designed to completely replace the traditional moisturizer:

The products are meant to be mix together for a personalised blend, and depending on how dry your skin is, you use a different ratio of the 2 products (step 1 is better for dry skin and step 2 better for normal/combination skin).

For my combination skin I like to use 2 drops of each, which I mix together before rubbing into my face. I then use another drop of the oil around my mouth and chin, which is the driest part of my face.

(click to enlarge)

When applied to slightly damp skin, it's similar to a moisturizer and doesn't feel greasy, but it does leave me with a shiny face. With moisturizers, I usually wake up with an oily t-zone, but because these products don't contain any wax, all of it gets absorbed during the night, so I wake up with a naturally matte yet radiant complexion.

Since using this regime, I've noticed that my skin seems a lot more balanced - my t-zone doesn't get as oily and my cheeks aren't as prone to dryness.

At £37.50 each, they're not cheap, but a little goes a long way and it is packed full of natural ingredients. You can also get 2 3ml try me sets for £8, which is a good way of trying out the products without committing to a full 30ml bottle.

Do you like using oils as part of your skincare? What's your must have product for a glowing complexion?


  1. I love reading about new things. I have never seen or heard of the these products! I like that you can tailor them to your skins needs but I just don't see myself paying the £36.50 each! xx

  2. Pyxiee- Oops, I've just checked their website, and the prices have now gone up to £37.50!! It's a shame that they're so expensive as I'm sure a lot of people are put off by the high price tag! X

  3. I've never heard about this brand before, but how cool is that it's personalized!

  4. G A B Y- It's great! I love that I can tailor it to my skin's needs everyday x

  5. I subscribe to your blog, if u want follow me!

  6. Hi :)
    Could you please also take a pic of the ingredients of each? Thanks :)

    PS! if it's just natural oils then it's possible to mix one's own :P

  7. LiisK - If you go onto their website ( you can see the full list of ingredients.

    It is possible to mix your own, but you'd have to buy a lot of different oils and find the perfect combination so its a lot easier (and probably cheaper) to just buy from the company x


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