5 minute make up

Now that I'm back on placement, time has become super precious in the morning. As a result, my make up application has to be very quick and these are the products I've been using to make myself look presentable in 5 minutes:

I always start by applying Madara tinting fluid. This adds a little coverage and to help even out my skintone. I then apply some much needed Flawless concealer from MeMeMe for my dark circles.

For the cheeks, I've been using Sleek Suede blush. It gives a really natural flush of colour to the cheeks and lasts well throughout the day. Finally I brush on some Urban Decay powder to my t-zone.

To finish off the look, I simply apply 2 coats of Avon supershock max mascara, a slick of Murad energizing lip protector and I'm good to go!

How long do you spend applying make up in the morning? What are your must have products?


  1. ive constantly tried to cutdown my make-up time in the morning so i can get a few extra precious minutes in bed! after years of it, ive cut it down to about 20 minutes, and im very proud of that! so you must be superwoman to be able to do it in 5! haha :).x

  2. I've been doing a placement this week. I just wear powder foundation and lip tint. Amazing how much time it saves me!

  3. Love that blusher, very pretty shade.
    I've defo been a five minute face in the morning recently..my saviours have been collection 2000 mineral foundation,which is my new fave! Rimmel bronze mousse, mascara and maybelline gel eyeliner! :) x


  4. That blusher shade is so pretty. I spent 10-15 minutes on my make-up which is much less than I used to. The better my skin is the less time it takes. My everyday essentials are undereye concealer, powder, bronzer, mascara and tinted lipbalm. x

  5. artisthecure- Haha thanks, most of the products are very easy to use so you can literally just slap them on x

    Bee- I need to get a new powder foundation, might try one a mineral one next x

    glamour rouge - It's gorgeous! Is the mineral foundation any good x

    LilyLipstick - It looks just as gorgeous on the skin, would definitely recommend buying. We have very similar everyday essentials! x

  6. My must produscts in morning are my face facial moisturizer and eye gel from Yes to cucumbers, Anti-dark circles Roll-on garnier, Essence máscara and blush and last but not least nutrogena lip balm.


  7. I wear my full face everyday, just a bit extra at weekends e.g. more dramatic eyeshadow, false lashes. I've got my full face down to 10mins which I'm quite proud of as it's a lot of products!

  8. Thakitty - Great choices, I love the Garnier anti dark circle roll on, it's so quick and easy to use! x

    Emily Alice- Wow, well done on getting it down to 10 minutes x

  9. I leave for work just after 7am so I need to do my make-up as quickly as possible: Bare Mineral foundation then Mineral Veil, Chanel bronzer, Covergirl Lashblast mascara, lip balm. Takes around 5 minutes, maybe a bit longer if I'm more tired!

  10. I've go to wake up early (at 7 a.m.) just because my University routine starts at 8.50 a.m) I've got to make breakfast, have a shower, etc. And i spend not more than 10 minutes for my make up routine. I apply Lumene Sensitive touch serum, tinted moisturizer (Bobbi Brown), blush, eyebrow gel. Sometimes I also use mascara and eye shadows)

  11. Becky- It's painful leaving that early isn't it! Sounds like we have very similar must have products x

  12. Anastacia - Sounds like you've got your morning routine sorted. What's the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser like? x


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