Fashionista stylebrows kit review and swatches

For years, I've always kept my brows in good shape, but it wasn't until I started filling them in with this Fashionista stylebrows kit, that I realised just how important eyebrows are to your face structure:

A relatively new launch for Fashionista, this stylebrows kit contains 3 shades of shadow, a clear wax as well as mini tweezers and a duo ended brush.

The dark brown shade works best with my hair colour, and it leaves my eyebrows nicely filled in without looking too harsh. The 3 powder shades cover a good spectrum of colour, however the other 2 are far too light for me to use on my brows. They can be used as eyeshadow, but rather than a universal palette, I think I'd prefer a couple of different palettes, each with lighter or darker shades to suit your eyebrow colour.

Fashionista stylebrows kit review and swatches, fashionista stylebrows kit, Peonies and lilies, Fashionista make upThe mini brush is actually pretty decent. The fibres are stiff enough for precise application, but still have some flexibility so you can blend out and soften any harsh lines. There is also a mini tweezer, which obviously isn't as good as my normal pair, but will do the job if you discover any stray hairs during application.

A couple of minor points aside, I really like this stylebrows kit. It's made such a difference to my eyebrows, and it's now a daily essential for my make up bag.

FashionistA stylebrows kit* retails for £7 and is available now from Superdrug.

Do you spend much time on your eyebrows? What do you use to fill them in?


  1. I like the look of this kit. I fill in my brows using the real techniques eyebrow brush and a light brown eye-shadow at the moment, but may invest in a kit x

    1. It's a great kit to have handy. I've heard so many good things about the Real techniques brushes, really want to give them a try x

  2. I'd definitely recommend it, makes filling in your brows so quick and easy x

  3. I love my eyebrow palette - eyebrows really do finsh the look off. I agree though about the colours, I'll never use the lightest two colours in my Vivo palette - seems a waste.
    The wax in this looks great, I'm not keen on the eyebrow gel in my current palette!

    1. Glad you think so too. I'm a bit obsessed with eyebrows now, can't believe it's taken me this long to start filling them in lol! x


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