Guerlain la petite robe noire

When I think of Guerlain, I think of classic, more mature scents, but they've recently brought out a new La petite robe noire perfume, and I think it's perfect for the younger generation:

On opening the box, my first thought was how beautiful the bottle was. The colour gradient is so eyecatching, I love the attention to detail, and just like the little black dress, it looks so chic and luxurious on my dressing table.

So what about the actual fragrance? Well with notes of black cherry, berries, almond, rose, liquorice and smokey black tea, it's sweet and fruity, yet at the same time rich and seductive.

Guerlain la petite robe noire, Guerlain la petite robe noire review, Peonies and liliesAt the moment, I'm very much using this as an evening scent. However, come wintertime, I can definitely see myself spritizing this on in the morning, then feeling very chic and Parisian as I go about my my daily activities.

Guerlain la petite robe noire* is available now from Boots and Selfridges

Do you own any Guerlain fragrances? What's your favourite evening scent?


  1. I love the cute bottle. I should go to a nearest department store so I can smell this hehe. My fave evening scent is Eclat D'Arpege by Lanvin ;)

    1. Definitely give it a try, it's a gorgeous scent x

  2. Oooh! I love the look of this..
    Could be going on my birthday list.

    Georgia :) x

  3. I bought this last week an I absolutely love it .. Lasts all day too as I can still smell it come an evening x

    1. It's a lovely scent isn't it, glad you like it too x

  4. LOVE this fragrance - such a beautiful bottle too! xx


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